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Genie remote won't turn off tv or sound system


Genie remote won't turn off tv or sound system

Newly installed genie dvr DIRECTV. Remote won't program to Westinghouse tv and Panasonic sound system. Code is accepted and it will control sound but it won't turn tv or sound on or off.  Same problem on a Samsung tv and Denon sound system in another room. 

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Re: Genie remote won't turn off tv or sound system

The directv peanut (rc7) remotes will not cycle the power on sound systems. They can be programmed to lock and operate the volume function only and power on and off tv/dtv system. You have to volume lock the remote to audio devise.
In some cases you can connect your tv hdmi (arc) port to your denom hdmi (arc) port (arc-audio return channel) the connect the dtv to a secondary hdmi port on the tv.
You will then have to go into The TV setting and turn of tv speaker. His will activate the arc channel. You then neeed to go into dtv menu-settings and help-settings-display-video and enable the hdmi controls.
This should allow the dtv to pass the on function to the surround sound
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