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Direct TV nightmare

Direct TV nightmare

Nightmare experience switching from Uvers to Direct TV
Hopefully you have not switch over. We made the switch to Direct TV in September after a customer service rep sold me on Direct TV as the best thing ever and the process, customer service and the access have been horrible since the beginning.

1. They nickel and dime you for everything.
Uvers fee wireless installation
Direct TV $95.00 plus monthly fee

Uvers added new lines free
Direct TV wanted to charge $150 to fix lines(and the previous owner had Direct TV so they are charging me for their mistakes)

Uvers rep made sure to pick up everything
Direct Tv left the wall installation with writing on the wall and side ways.

Uvers rep walked me through the changes and checked all services to make sure everything worked correctly
Direct TV asked me for a form of payment after installation.

2. My bill has been mishandled one moth they charged only $30 next month $300.00 next month the overcharged again and this month they tried to fix it but same outcome.

3. Every time you have an issue they pass the puck to some one else. Not a Uvers issue let me connect you to Direct TV. I have talked to 25 service reps in the past 4 months. 7 years with U-vers and I spoke to maybe 5.

4. Take TV with you only if you combine your bills. Separate bills and you have to create separate acounts. They have separated my bill twice and both times I have to create a new account. Update all my apps logging information. Take me longer to update than to actually watch TV.

We had Time warner prior to Uvers and this experience with Direct TV is worst than Time warner. Now I am stuck in a stupid contract and have to pay a fee to change back to Uvers.

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ACE - Expert

Re: Direct TV nightmare

Up front costs are what you qualify for based on your credit and the market you live in. Wireless setup fee is commonly $99.


On site costs from tech are for any additional or custom work, which you negotiate with the tech as these are not charged by Directv.


On site tech should clean up his work, though he may not take pre-existing equipment. If the tech left a mess then contact Directv to submit a complaint on the tech.


With the merger, transfers have been rough, especially when prior AT&T agents are being trained in Directv services. I am dissapointed that the AT&T agents do not seem to be as knowlegeable about the Directv services as they could be, but they are being asked a lot as both companies have a lot internally to share.


Normally I reccomend against combined billing as from a lot of comments from others, AT&T and Directv's billing system is not fully integrated, still operating as when they would join bills when they were seperate companies.


Directv and Uverse are seperate services, so any early cancelation fees do apply as they are seperate service agreements.

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Re: Direct TV nightmare

The installation nightmare has already started.  I agreed to migrate from UVERSE to DirecTV.  I was one of the first UVERSE customers in the Dallas market, so have lived through all of its service issues.  HOWEVER, I have an older home and was specific that there was to be no rewiring - new wiring - new NID - new "holes" drilled from exterior walls to interior walls and absolutely no Dish.  I was repeatedly assured there was to be a soft handoff meaning UVERSE Service was not to be disconnected until after the installer arrived and made sure installation could and would occur under the terms set. 


Well - here it is 12 hours before my installation timeframe and UVERSE has been disconnected.  NOT A GOOD START, AT&T!  Now i really do not believe anything anyone AT&T employee tells me.

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Re: Direct TV nightmare

I have been complaining about various issues with Directtv since October 2016 when I lost game 7 of the World Series.  First of Nov., with no resolution to World Series despite chats, I lost Fox News for days.  At that time Directtv and ATT were unreachable on chat or by phone for days based on nationwide consternation over the Fox issue.  When I finally could get through no one with directtv would disclose anything about what happened to Fox despite repeated chat sessions.  By the end of the year, or one month later (they have big breakdown issues about once a month) they drop ABC.  I miss the Outback bowl and other programming as a result.  All this time I pay my bill timely every month.  In response to my repeated chats and transfers to the Loyalty dept I am told someone will contact me.  That never happens.  Despite near weekly attempts to contact I finally speak with Phil, in Loyalty dept.  He documents everything and tells me he will try to get my early termination fees waived.  I will hear from his supervisors in 5 days.  11 days later, I get back on chat, am called and transferred to customer service.  No one has looked at anything.  Angel tells me ET fees are only waived after three visits from a technician and basically, as much as she understands my frustration, it is her way or the highway.  No waiver, no nothing.  This is undoubtedly the worst service I have every received in my life and the only way I can get out of this is to pay a penalty of hundreds of dollars, or, continue to pay my outrageous bill and receive defective service about once a month until the end of my contract.  Directtv can fail to broadcast any time it suits them or any time they are too incompetent to make it work and I have no recourse except to pay them a penalty to quit.  Anyone else having this experience?

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ACE - Expert

Re: Direct TV nightmare


If I understand correctly that you were switching (there is no migrate as they are different services even though AT&T has aquired Directv, so that would be canceling Uverse) from Uverse to Directv, but did not want any new wiring or a dish at all? AT&T Uverse and Directv are setup completely differently. Directv comes from satellite so a dish is required to receive the signal and then goes through the coax and SWiM to your receiver boxes, not through Uverse equipment and cabling. So based on your restrictions, Directv could not be installed in the first place.


So since you don't want anything done, going to a different service is not for you. Keep in mind that the wiring is not gauranteed to last forever, even if you keep your existing setup, it is possible down the road with any updates on your existing provier's end, or wear-out or other issues with your current wiring, that down the road you would have to rewire something eventually. But when it comes time for that, or you do choose to go with Directv, yes discuss with the tech on site before work is done so that the wiring is done to your acceptance.

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Re: Direct TV nightmare

I’m having a nite mare as well they promise me internet service.  I get a router thru mail and then they say I don’t have internet

sericve in my area. Dealing with at @t is not easy and plus you have to deal with direct tv. They all pass the buck.  Nothing gets resolved 

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