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Come Back? Nope.


Come Back? Nope.

I cancelled DirecTV a year or so ago, and lately I've been receiving a lot of offers via snail mail with "come back to us" offers. The thing is if DirecTV took care of me when I was a customer, I would never have left in the first place.


  1. I was a customer for the better part of ten years, probably longer. The only reason I had cancelled my service was I had temporarily moved into a building in Chicago that did not allow dish service. I was in that building for less than a year, and as soon as my contract with Comcast was up, I went back to DirecTV.
  2. Coming back to DirecTV they refused to acknolwedge my prior history as a customer, which I find profoundly disturbing. I had spent YEARS as a loyal customer (not to mention thousands of dollars) and apparently that counts for absolutely nothing.

That said, I began to explore other options for service in my area. It didnt' take long for me to find that I was overpaying for DirecTV. For what I was paying DirecTV for standard defintion televition with no DVR I could get the package of channels + HD + DVR from Dish Network for the same price. Actually for the first year I saved $50 a month with a new customer promotion, then the bill went up to match our monthly DirecTV bill. 


I contacted DirecTV about this, gave them the opportunity to retai me as a customer, and no luck. Again, regardless of the thousands of dollars I spent on DirecTV, I was apparently a new customer again. Funny thing is, the point of contention was that DirecTV had removed AMC from its lower end channel packages, and had it exclusively in more expensive packages, meaning if I wanted to watch The Walking Dead (which I'm sure AMC assumed was true) I would have to pay an additional $20 monthly for AMC. When I spoke to DirecTV about this, I was connected with a "retention specialist" who offered me nothing excelt that I could downgrade my package when The Walking Dead wasn't on.


So here what that looks like using the last TWD season as an example:


  • TWD aired for seven months from Octover through April, that's $140.
  • I could just buy the season on Google Play for like $50.
  • Or I could switch to Dish Network and not have to deal with this at all.

There you have it. I probably spent well over $10K on my DirecTV service for the better part of ten years, I was a loyal customer, but after being (in my judgment) price gouged, I'd rather disconnect completely than go back to DirecTV. It will never happen. Please stop sending me offers.


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Re: Come Back? Nope.

good luck with dish

i left them because they kept having disputes and i would miss parts of seasons of shows like TWD


being a new customer can be a good thing, you get the discounts


many people switch every 2 years jut to be a new customer



BTW apples to apples dish and direct are within a few dollars of one another

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Re: Come Back? Nope.

When did you Last check the AMC Channel.?

DirecTV has had it in the SELECT and above Packages since Mar. 20, 2015

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Re: Come Back? Nope.

I would like to comment on pauls post. First, I would like to say I have also been a loyal customer to DirecTV for over 13 years and I would like to say I agree that DirecTV does not take care of or even try to take care of its loyal customers. I do not understand why I have to quit and become a customer again to enjoy the benefits new customers get. shouldn't they also have benefits for those customers that have been with for a long time without having to spend extra money just to get an upgrade that any new customer would get just for signing up This is so wrong on so many levels. If I thought for a minute I could get a better deal somewhere else I would. but there are not that many options so you either grin and bear it or no tv. I have already had to cut down on my service because of the cost but now Directv has cut out some of the basic channels that i used to be able to watch with just choice now I can not, for example ,the Cloo station you can only get it if you pay for the $91.00 and higher monthly service. WHY what is so special about this station that I have to pay extra. It is not at all fair but this is the land of the free is it not. 

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Re: Come Back? Nope.

will never go back to Direct got tired of paying $156. a month. but the kicker was when they changed the guide menu the back ground color was Awful and the made the channel numbers real small it was awful. we have Dish and they have a lot more to offer than direct ever will and are monthly bill is super low but we have all the bells & whistles up graded equipment ect.

there,s No way Direct can compete with Dish.

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