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Safety with AT&T


Safety with AT&T

in the last week
Just want to share my story, this way people are aware, and this won’t happen to anyone else. Keeping in mind I work 8-5 weeks, every day this week after coming home, I was told a guy keep knocking on door non-stop. After day 5 (today) he claim he works for AT&T, and he needs to speak to; and then he said a name I never heard in my life. At this point I said I had just moved here, so he kept asking me questions about this other person I had no idea about, Eventually he asked if I own the house, or was renting. it just did not seem right, and he refused to hand out original envelope (which apparently belong to whoever he was asking for), keep in mind he never even introduced himself (so I was not able to get a name). The whole situation just came out very uncomfortable. I told him I Do not have to share further information, and then he asked if he could come in the house, that’s when everything really got creepy. And he was asked to leave. This is what happened to my wife. This is the story I had to hear after I came from work. (How would you feel as a husband?) At first I was really concerned for my family’s safety. The first thing that came to mind, was ask AT&T what was going on, so I called their 800 number. I spoke with, probably one of the best customer service representatives ever, Melissa ***, right away, she understood my concerns, and my feeling of my family being harassed. She guided me on the best way to proceed. She suggested to first called my local AT&T store, ask for a manager, and verify my concerns, and make sure this were in fact real AT&T employees. Here is when I first contacted this particular store on Texas Dr, I asked for a manager, and to my luck, Maurice (the manager had unswer the my call). I felt released, and a feeling of satisfaction at the fact that he answer quickly, and I could right away tell him about this really concerning sutuation. That’s when everything went South..... Maurice did I not really seem concerned, or cared at all. All he said to wash his hands, and to hang up a.s.a.p. was: “AT&T employees do not wear red at all, my suggestion is to call police, and report it” “Plus, we do not send salesmen to knock on people houses”. Of curse, at this point, I started to get worried, and started debating about calling the police, or not. All I could think about was “the guy that comes every day to knock, and when finally answered, gets really creepy, while a woman at home alone, and even asked to let him in the house at the end of the conversation” I decided to call AT&T back, and shared my experience with the store. The only response I was told: Here is the complaint P.O. BOX she said, just write a letter, and send it to that P.O. BOX. Wow........ My first comment to her was: So then you suggest I should file a police report, since a letter on average (as we all know, takes 3-5 business days to arrive, that’s without counting the days that pass while they get to it, and read it), could get the to late. She said, I understand, but that is how AT&T handle this situations. I said to her again, “so, I should definitely call the police, and file a report in case something was to happen, before AT&T got to the letter” she replied that’s all we can do, I said ok then I will do that, and file a report meanwhile just to be safe. Then she said “thank you for choosing AT&T etc... anything else I can do for you?” To which I replied “you can not really help me any further right? , and she said “yes, you’re right, have a good rest of the day”, and that as it. Very disappointing..... I get a phone call from my wife at this point, saying she just saw this guy outside. To my luck, I ran to my car, and started to look for him ( my family is my main priority, and their safety, I had to find out who this person was before it was to late). I start driving around my neighborhood, no luck.... finally I spot the man wearing red, it had to be him!, I said to my self, and after talking a deep breath, and with a lot of courage.. ( to be continued)

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Re: Safety with AT&T

Hi, we'd like to look into this. Could you please send us a private message with your address, name, and contact number?

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