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Re: Need contact number for employment HR


Need contact number for employment HR

Is there a contact number to speak to someone about an position I applied for? I applied for a position a little over a month ago. The position is still open, I passed relevant tests, so what is going on? Anyone I can speak with ? Preferbly a human and not an automated robot
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Re: Need contact number for employment HR

Hi! I did my video interview about a week ago and have heard nothing back yet. I have been checking the status and it says the same thing "looking forward to getting to know you". How long should I expect to wait until I hear something back? Im very excited to hear back! Thanks! 

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Re: Need contact number for employment HR

Hello @Micahgavlock,


Thanks for reaching out. I will be happy to help! Please respond by clicking here and provide us with the details below, so we can have someone follow up with you on this.


Full name:

Contact number:

Email address:

Position you applied to:


Thank you,

Social Media Manager
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