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Caller ID Incorrect (Business)


Caller ID Incorrect (Business)

I am a business owner and the caller ID name for my business phone number is grossly incorrect.  Note I am not currently an AT&T customer and the CNAM Record name/number is correctly on file at Neustar.  This is only an AT&T issue as it appears your file is not correctly syncing with Neustar's records.  The phone number is ***** and the correct business name is *****.  The incorrect name is causing a lot of consternation with my patients whom are AT&T customers because they screen our calls thinking we are another business and sometimes miss importance updates regarding their care.  Thank you for helping me resolve this as quickly as possible.


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Re: Caller ID Incorrect (Business)

Hello @peterolesen,


Thank you for reaching out on our Business Forum. We will be happy to help! In order to further assist, please send us a private message by clicking here and provide the following information.


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