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AT&T Inc. / PacBell Crime Tip Voice Line Violating U.S. Consent-to-Rebroadcast Laws


AT&T Inc. / PacBell Crime Tip Voice Line Violating U.S. Consent-to-Rebroadcast Laws

Please advise what steps I may take to bring this serious matter to the attention of Pacific Bell parent, AT&T legal department so that it may review for possible account action. Thank you. I have redacted any and all personal details from the following summary:


The subject Pacific Bell voice telephone number (crime tip line) is located in a California city (PacBell area code + exchange) but is assigned to – and solely operated by – a private citizen living in Oregon.


<redacted>, U.S.A. website creator/owner/administrator of www.<redacted>.com has since at least 2004 advertised a 24/7 TELEPHONE TIP LINE where citizens can leave a message. While <redacted> describes the line as an option for those who do not wish to deal with Law Enforcement, nowhere does <redacted> ask a potential caller for CONSENT to re-broadcast his/her voice message, and/or publicly disclose the caller’s identifiable data, including specific subject matter, voice patterns, verbiage and speech sound.


Currently, <redacted> has posted at his (donations-solicited) YouTube channel, a video – with sequels planned in which he re-broadcasts citizens’ calls to this AT&T/Pacific Bell telephone number. [Note: These audio/video re-broadcasts provide zero <redacted> case investigative value, but rather cheap mockery and satire.] <redacted> links them to his discussion forum hosted on <redacted>.com and (at various times) posts them to his <redacted>.com.


I ask that AT&T Inc. via subsidiary, The Pacific Bell Telephone Company, investigate the subject account and consider suspension of service to avoid further violations, viz. the PUBLIC DISCLOSURE of communications without the CONSENT OF ALL PARTIES.

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