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When is AT&T going to fix the problem of having a limit of only being able to send a group text to 10 recipients? No other carrier has a limit on the amount of recipients that can be sent a group text except AT&T. When are they going to fix this huge problem that they constantly seem to ignore and not give a real answer too? I have been with AT&T for over 22 years and their... read more
Is there any way I can go to an AT&T store and receive copies of the text messages exchanged from a phone on our family plan?
I deleted text messages between a friend and I back in February. However, a few days after I deleted them, he died. I would really like to be able to read these text messages again to remember him. Is there any way I can receive print outs of these texts? Maybe by contacting AT&T? Any other ways?
My son is always deleting his text messages, and he says that they are none of my buisiness. I was wondering if there was ANY way to view the text messages without having to actually see them on his phone. I really want to know what he's talking about, and he's starting to make me a little suspicious. Can I call AT&T? Can I see them online? Can I get a print out somehow? Any an... read more
Christmas is coming & im working with his mom to get him gifts. My question is, we are on a family plan. Can he log into & READ our messages? Or will it only show that ive been talking to his mom & what times i have been messaging her?Thanks!!!
Hey @Spgaither89! I’m sorry to hear that other people’s text messages are not syncing to your AT&T Messages! It’s no good, if you’re only getting half of the intended use out of that service! I would try clearing the application cache for your AT&T Messages on your phone! Important: Clear Data deletes all app files and databases from your device. Clear Cache onl... read more
There are times I would just like to send a text message to someone's cell phone straight from my computer. Can I do that?
Is there any way to view teh text messages sent to my cell phone from ,y computer? many times i am at work and cannot use my cell phone and i need to see if I ahve any text messages.
Hello Community, Update 10/27 - We believe this issue should be resolved at this point. I have tested it on my personal device and friends and family have also reported no issues. Please comment below if the issue is still ongoing. Update 10/24 - We have identified the issue and are working on the resolution. We don't have a specific resolution date, but hoping for end o... read more