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summertime lover


summertime lover

y'all ... don't laugh but summertime lover is a total bop


is it a legit song? i shazamed the at&t boy band commercial but got no result. Smiley Sad where can i get the full version?


#sorrynotsorry #dropsummertimelover

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Re: summertime lover

Noooo! When I first heard the boy band commercial I hated that song. And now, I still do, but it's been stuck in my head for the past few days! Unfortunately/fortunately it isn't a real song yet; it was written specifically for the commercial, and for a lot of commercials they just write 30 seconds or so of a song. But the song's writer, Nathan Walters, posted a YouTube video talking about the making of the song, and he seemed to say that a full version would be coming soon, so your wish may come true. While I don't particularly like Summertime Lover, I kind of want a full version to come out so I don't just keep repeating the same few lines in my head :-)

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