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The Delicious Disasters of Camping

The Delicious Disasters of Camping

HBO's new show Camping (from the creators of Girls) showcases eight adults who share my struggles with wanting to enjoy sleeping in a tent with the soft glow of the campfire behind them but not quite achieving it.


The show features four couples who go into the woods to celebrate Walt's (David Tennant) 45th birthday, every minute details lovingly organized by his wife Kathryn (Jennifer Garner). But what was supposed to be a weekend that David Henry Thoreau would envy quickly devolves into a particularly rough season of Survivor.

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Re: The Delicious Disasters of Camping

Take a peak behind the scenes of this new comedy that's so painfully funny we can't get enough at The Delicious Disasters of Camping.


Then tell us if this reminds you of any of your adventures in the great outdoors.

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Re: The Delicious Disasters of Camping

Where should I begin? Smiley LOL


I am an avid touring-style bicycle camper. My first tour was across Ohio (West -> East). My first "incident" was hiking my bike to the camp site, only, the state forest kind of forgot to label the difficulty of the route. To my right was a cliff that went straight up, a path that was ~3ft across, and a cliff going straight down about 50-60 feet to a rock bed. Well, the entire time I was out touring, it was raining. The path that my bicycle and I was on collapsed (hooray for instant adrenaline rush), and as I fell (with my bike that had all of my supplies), I looked left, looked right, and did a toe hook on a tree to the left, and a heel hook on a tree to my right. Ended up hanging upside down, holding my bike. Yikes!


A few days later, at my next camp site... well, bicycle clothes are highly flammable fyi... and stop - drop - roll DOES NOT WORK!


Yea.. fun times, lol.

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Re: The Delicious Disasters of Camping

Wow, @Dave_DTV that sounds like a rough camping trip! Glad you survived to tell the tale.


My most disastrous camping trip involved a group trip where a friend of mine who was breaking wood for the fire with his foot stomped down where what was left of a smaller branch stuck out of the log. It went through his boot, through his foot, and came out the other side. Fortunately a car was pretty accessible, but it was a 50-mile ride to the nearest ER. We had to saw off a chunk of the main branch to keep the smaller branch in his foot on the way to the hospital, but the hardest part was finding a sober driver :-)

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