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Television Reboots

Television Reboots

It seems everything old is new, again, on TV.


With the news that HBO is bringing back Perry Mason, with The American's Matthew Rhys taking over Raymond Burr's role, we were wondering ... what other 'classic' TV shows could be rebooted?


Maybe a Murder She Wrote with Helen Mirren?


A gritty Hill Street Blues written by George Pelecanos and David Simon?


What do you think should come back?

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Re: Television Reboots

Does anyone remember Misfits of Science, about a group of teenagers (I think) with special powers?


I'm not saying it was a good show. Because ... it was not a good show. But I think the premise had/has promise and could succeed, today. Maybe paired with Supergirl, The Flash, etc. on The CW.

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Re: Television Reboots

Oh man, I would definitely watch a Murder, She Wrote reboot. That's my favorite show of all time!  No need for Helen Mirren; Angela Lansbury is still alive, 93 years young!

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Re: Television Reboots

I think, if One Day at a Time, can have a reboot that brings it up to date and improves on the original, Good Times could, as well.

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