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Halloween episodes


Halloween episodes

Back when every show premiered in September and ran through approximately May, the Halloween special was not only a staple of the schedule but also usually the first such themed show.


Now, even in this age of binge watching, there are some shows that consistently offer up a fine Halloween episode each season Some Like It: Halloween lists our favorites!

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‎10-30-2018 12:58 PM

Re: Halloween episodes

What do you think? Are these Halloween-theme episodes tricks or treats?

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Re: Halloween episodes

I'm bummed that we're going to miss the 99's Halloween Heist, this year. 😞

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Re: Halloween episodes

First, love the name @LilSebastian - second... What?! I just started watching Brooklyn 99 with the wife as our feel good show after watching American Horror Story and we love the Halloween episodes. Do you know why we're going to miss it? 


Just to add to this list, the Simpsons always do a great Tree House of Horror episode every time this year; I'm surprised it didn't make the list! Anyone else feel this way?

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Re: Halloween episodes

@ATTKevin, thanks!


Brooklyn 99 isn't coming back until 2019 - so no Halloween Heist this year. 😞


You're right - The Simpsons really should be be on this list!

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Re: Halloween episodes

I was likewise surprised not to see The Simpsons on the list; that's the first show I think of when I think of Halloween episodes.


We have our DVR set up to record every Simpsons episode -- incidentally, between this and Spongebob, our DVR fills up very quickly! -- and we've been fed a smorgasbord of Treehouse of Horror episodes for the past week.

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Re: Halloween episodes

It's been forever since I've done a Treehouse of Horror marathon - you've inspired me FloridaJoe Smiley Happy I know what I'm doing tonight.


I'm going to end Spooktober with a bang.

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