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Game of Thrones Avatars!

Game of Thrones Avatars!

For seven seasons we’ve watched characters fight, strategize and sacrifice for the Iron Throne. As the final season approaches, on April 14th, only one question remains - Which of the Great Houses of Westeros will you claim?


Are you the House Lannister of Casterly Rock's roaring lion? The running direwolf of House Stark of Winterfell? House Targaryen's three-headed dragon? You can show us who you're representing with these exclusive Game of Thrones Avatars!


If you're ready for Fire and Ice, then just click your avatar (top right of the page) and choose My Settings.

Select Avatar and choose the Game of Thrones collection. Then pick which Great House you call your own:


Houses Avatars
House Targaryen of King's Landing Avatars-Targaryean.jpg
House Stark of Winterfell Avatars-Stark.jpg
House Lannister of Casterly Rock Avatars-Lannister.jpg
House Arryn of the Eyrie Avatars-Arryn.jpg
House Greyjoy of Pyke Avatars-Greyjoy.jpg
House Baratheon of Storm's End Avatars-Baratheon.jpg
House Blackwood of Raventree Hal; Avatars-Blackwood.jpg
House Cerwyn of Cerwyn Castle Avatars-Cerwyn.jpg
House Swann of Stonehelm Avatars-Swann.jpg
House Whent of Harrenhal Avatars-Whent.jpg


Once you have chosen your Great House, jump into our Game of Thrones Community to get ready for the Iron Throne.

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‎03-28-2019 9:56 AM

Re: Game of Thrones Avatars!

Let us know which of the Great Houses you belong to, by choosing one of our exclusive Game of Thrones avatars!


Then, join us in the Game of Thrones Community to discuss the final season, starting April 14th on HBO!

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Re: Game of Thrones Avatars!

The wife and I have been rooting for Daenerys the whole time - we hope she comes out on top Smiley Very Happy Just changed mine to House Targaryen!

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Re: Game of Thrones Avatars!


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Re: Game of Thrones Avatars!

Where are the Mormonts?  Lady Lyanna belongs on the throne!


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Re: Game of Thrones Avatars!

I’m not changing my avatar! Keeping it as is (Default profile picture collection, Keypad Tapping.) 5765E42A-D459-4F11-8DAB-A28FB3666892.jpegFinger tapping on keypad, Part of the AT&T Forums profile picture collection.


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Re: Game of Thrones Avatars!

Game of Thrones....Game of Thrones...sick of hearing about this lame tv show. Is the forim really the place to talk about it 24/7? I think not!


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