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Only running one stream but says I've reached "the maximum allowed streams on your account"?


Only running one stream but says I've reached "the maximum allowed streams on your account"?

I'm running one stream on my macbook and am trying to run a second stream on my phone but it says I have already reached "the maximum allowed streams on your account".  How can this be?  I haven't ran a stream anywhere else.  Can your account only be logged in on two devices?  Please help!

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Re: Error Code 60 (Too many streams)

I think Directv Now is not ready for Prime Time.  I have two tv with AppleTV, during the day, there was no problem watching both at the same time, but at 7:00pm, I began to get "Error 60, to many streaming" even having only one AppleTV on. 

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Re: Only running one stream but says I've reached "the maximum allowed streams on your account&

Hi all,


There is an issue when going to a different stream while on one device/ login. We have resolved the issue. If you are still having this problem, close down DIRECTV NOW on all your applications and try again. We apologize for any inconveniences.



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Re: Error Code 60 (Too many streams)

still getting error 60 this morning on ATV4. closing DirecTV app and back to PSVue. luckily my PlayStation subscription is good throug end of December. Please get this fixed DirecTV or you will be losing customers. I know its only day 2 so i'm hanging in there.

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Re: Error Code 60 (Too many streams)

Mine started working last night. I don't know if they fixed the issue on their side or if it was simply that I turned off the 'automatically play next episode' option. You can try it; just go to settings>preferences>turn off auto play next episode.

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Error 60 when I've only authorized on device?

I keep getting an error 60 every couple of minutes even though I've authorized only one device "I see this is happening to many subscribers on the forum". Also no NBC channel, all of the on demand shows has not been updated with the current episodes. Not cool so far, I paid for three months in advance and I've not been able to watch more than two minutes without errors messages! The app is not working, I would think you would have tested the app for errors before releasing to the Publick!

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Re: Error Code 60 (Too many streams)

Still happening here. Happens on Ipad as well as ATV.

When will a fix be attempted?

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Re: Error Code 60 (Too many streams)

I haven't had the error 60 since say 7ish last night, but just lock ups, TV pausing.  Even at work on my Iphone, so it isn't my home network.   Sling works just fine.  


Hopefully DIrectvnow is working on this.   More chatter will let them  know more work needs to be done.  Explain your issue, and location will probably help them


east coast here!   NC/SC

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too many streams

It tells me I have to many streams going and I only have the one im trying to watch with  can you help

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Re: Error Code 60 (Too many streams)

Not sure if this is coincidental or they got it fixed but i thought i'd try to deleted my saved password in Keychain that i saved when i first signed up with DirecTV Now on my Mac. Once i've deleted, i haven't get error on my Apple TV 4. Since the Keychain password replicates to all your Apple devices, maybe the direcTV account thinks you are logged on to multiple devices. 

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Re: Error Code 60 (Too many streams)

I'm in mid-Michigan and so far I haven't had any issues streaming today. We'll see what happens when I get home later in the evening. I wasn't able to get any video to stream on my Nexus 7 tablet last night at all so hopefully today it will work. Also streaming via Google Chrome didn't work last night either. The only two devices I've gotten to work properly so far have been my iPhone 7+ and my wife's LG G4.


I'll post back later after I've tested tonight.

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Re: Error Code 60 (Too many streams)

Ok,  Lets post your actions tonight.   We don't need this to fly out of fustration and let Directv slide.  They need to fix this or give us a 100% refund or partial refund for the fustration. 


I have been streaming for about 30 min with no issues.



East coast NC/SC

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Re: Error Code 60 (Too many streams)

watch cnn for 2 hours than bamb. cnn cant load. flip to another channel could watch flip back to cnn. 2 min. cnn couldnt laoad. did it again later. looks like it is what it is. which is not good directv.
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Re: Error 60 when I've only authorized on device?

I have discovered that what they're actually "counting" as a stream is a "Sign-in" AND, incredibly, UNLESS YOU SPECIFICALLY SIGN OUT, THAT DEVICE COUNTS AS A STREAM!


Closing the app on a phone or the browser on a laptop does NOT count as closing the stream.


HEY AT&T: ask Netflix how to count only actual video streams!


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Re: Error Code 60 (Too many streams)

The problems still exists (11:18p EST 12/1/16)

The problem seems to be that you are counting SIGNED-IN devices as streams even though they are not actually streaming video.


Closing the app on a phone or closing the browser on a laptop does not sign out. You have to find and invoke the "Sign-Out" on the app or browser to formally turn that stream off.


Since the app does not remember the password this is a PAIN! Closing the app or browser should be enough.


Ask Netflix how they count only actual data streams as streams.

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Re: Error Code 60 (Too many streams)

So I tested with my Nexus 7 tablet gen 2 last night again and it still throws the error code 40. I can get nothing to stream from that tablet. Running the latest version of Android and it's not rooted although it used to be several years ago. While I didn't want a ton of tv yesterday, I didn't have any issues streaming on my iPhone 7+ or my wife's LG G4. The wife casted to Chromecast without an issue. Picture quality dipped a bit every now and then but that was about all. That's something else they'll need to shore up. I've got 110Mbps download speed so I'm fairly confident that the picture quality getting all pixely isn't a problem on my end lol. 


Anyone else still having trouble getting certain Android devices to stream? I'm gona try uninstalling and reinstalling the app tonight. Possibly full factory reset if the app reinstall doesn't work?

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