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Re: WatchTV and TCM channel


WatchTV and TCM channel

This morning, when I try to stream the TCM channel, I receive error 30001-017

"Something went wrong. This content can't be streamed to your device."

I am using the Windows Chrome browser on Windows 7 desktop personal computers.

Does this mean TCM is no longer part of my WatchTV subscription?

TCM is the main reason I subscribed in the first place.  Without it, I will cancel service.



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‎10-26-2018 12:29 PM

Re: WatchTV and TCM channel

TCM is streaming now, a couple of hours later, after closing browser screen and signing back in.

This is the only competitive advantage of WatchTV over PHILO.


I notice there is no other way to sign off, except by closing browser window.


It would be great if TCM offered on-demand content within WatchTV and/or WatchTV

userid access to WatchTCM on-demand on that web site.



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Re: WatchTV and TCM channel

This same problem is occurring at 4am this morning.  Nothing solves it this time,

so the basic problem remains unsolved.  It is one of many glitches in this online

system.  It seems unlikely the system will ever be glitch-free or that problems

will be truly solved.  The technicians are unlikely to be good enough to fix it.

ATT is unlikely to throw money at the issues, as long as people continue to

pay for 75% service.  This forum is unlikely to provide anything except a place for

customers to vent their frustrations.  So be it.


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Re: WatchTV and TCM channel

I don’t think it has any thing to do with the time but what program is on when you get the message.

There are programs and movies that can’t be streamed because the owner of the content doesn’t allow it to be streamed. This issue can happen when trying to view older content.

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Re: WatchTV and TCM channel

I suppose TCM and the film owner offer different levels of access to different streaming services.

ATT probably has different agreements with TCM for DirectvNow and WatchTV.  Spectrum and

PlaystationVUE have different agreements that allow login access to the WatchTCM library.

Filmstruck has yet another agreement with TCM, which is an almost ideal arrangement for

classic film fans (sadly, it dies on Nov. 29, 2018).  Money, lawyers, and management rule everything

with iron fists and consumers just have to scramble for the available tidbits. 


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Re: WatchTV and TCM channel

TCM: Won't stream a 1950 Roy Rogers movie "Trail of Robin Hood" (on MacBook, appletv, Roku premier) other channels work fine. Not important that I watch that content but interesting it is not permitted.

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