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The Last Dance

The Last Dance

Watching LA and Miami play, last Monday, I was thinking how awkward it was for NBA players to have a "retirement" season.


If it's an all-time great like Kareem or (perhaps) Kobe, it's one thing. But ... has Wade really "earned" a Last Dance season? Am I the only one who found Paul Pierce's "Farewell Tour" really awkward?


Maybe it's better for player to just quietly leave - like Duncan or (I assume) Dirk.

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Re: The Last Dance

I never thought of this, but you're right. If anything the Home games should be more meaningful, but away games don't matter much unless the player had a HUGE impact on the league. 

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Re: The Last Dance

I guess, @Ulak34, the question becomes how do we determine whether someone’s impact on the game is huge enough to earn a farewell season?


FWIW, I’ll gladly serve my time on that nominating committee. 😊

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