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AT&T Digital Life CO Monitor Expiration


AT&T Digital Life CO Monitor Expiration

I recently had a CO monitor go into alarm, which initiated a call (from the AT&T monitoring center).  I haven't used any appliances or HVAC systems that would have generated CO at the time.  Turned out the batteries were low--after they were replaced, everything was fine.  

Unfortunately, I hadn't received any low battery chirps--it just went into a false alarm.  My system was installed over 5 years ago, so now I'm concerned about expiration date of the monitor. 

Does anyone know how long before they are supposed to be replaced?



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Re: AT&T Digital Life CO Monitor Expiration

@rea58 Hello. The CO detectors do not have an expiration date on them as they are monitored devices. The CO alarm only triggers if it actually detects CO in the home... the replacing of the batteries would reset the detector and if it isn't detecting CO anymore then it will not alarm.

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