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Software update keeps reinstalling on Galaxy S5

Software update keeps reinstalling on Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

Android 5.1.1


I got notification yesterday of an AT&T software update and installed it. Installation was successful. Then I got the notification again and again and again and it installed automatically multiple times (rebooting each time), each time "successful." Once it installs and reboots, I get the notification again. How can I get it to stop other than turning off Wi-Fi (which is not ideal)? "AT&T Software Updater" in Apps will not let me turn off or disable (the options are grayed out).



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‎08-18-2016 11:50 AM

Re: Software update keeps reinstalling on Galaxy S5

You can try clearing the system cache. 

Follow the instructions here: https://www.androidpit.com/how-to-clear-galaxy-s5-cache

Hope this helps.



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Re: Software update keeps reinstalling on Galaxy S5

Thanks! I'll try this.

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Re: Software update keeps reinstalling on Galaxy S5

Bill...clearing the system cache didn't help. As soon as I rebooted, turned wifi back on, it starts to download the software update. Thanks for the help, though.

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Re: Software update keeps reinstalling on Galaxy S5

I don't like to suggest this but the only other thing to try is a factory reset or if there is a Best Buy near you that has a Samsung experience counter they might be able to help without resetting it.

You will lose everything on your phone but it should fix the problem.

If you have backed up your phone with Samsung Kies you can restore most of your data and files. Google keeps a list of your apps that you have installed.

Use the same steps you took to clear the cache only scroll down to wipe data/factory reset.



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Re: Software update keeps reinstalling on Galaxy S5

Update: it appears clearing the system cache worked after all. As soon as I cleared the cache and turned wifi back on, the software update began downloading and installing (again). This time the install went a bit different and seems to have worked (despite the fact that the previous installs kept saying successful). No more reinstalls since then. Thanks again, Bill!

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Re: Software update keeps reinstalling on Galaxy S5

I find it extremely incompetent to have to constantly travel to the forums every time I get errors through AT&T (which is more often than I care to think about). Been through 3 phones and am constantly dealing with issues regarding this company. However since I am a prepaid customer AT&T treats me like yesterday’s garbage (actually the garbage is probably treated better) even though I have been a customer for over 2 years and never once paid late had my service turned off. This update was happening so much that the last time it happened, which was yesterday, it bricked my phone. It tried to install again (2nd time that day) and the battery was low. So after charging it and trying to get it back on it stuck at the AT&T screen. Fortunately my pics are backed up, Unfortunately I will not get any of my local data back, memos, some songs, a few phone numbers or notes that I had saved. I will also have to spend days getting all my apps and logging back in which is mild compared to losing

the former group of items.


Funny thing is that for how much money prepaid customers pay ($75 per line for me compared to $50 for a contract user) we get the least features such as video calling (Crazy that every other phone company offers it to they’re customers) Volte, reasonably priced upgrades, phone exchanges (without having to go to the att store 2 times and have them trash your phone a few more times before conceding that there is a problem with the phone), decent customer service, English speaking customer service, competent customer service, reliable tech support etc. Oh and almost forgot to mention reliable service, one other thing that is nonexistent. AT&T Prepaid needs a major overhaul. Prepaid customers are stuck in the Stone Age and I for one will be switching my service come January. I would do it this month but I’m not going to give them the satisfaction of not giving me my money back for the month (just paid on the 3rd). I will wait til January 2nd and switch to T-Mobile. 


Ok im done with this rant, sorry for going on so long. I normally do NOT complain but this has me extremely mad because I lost something important in my notes that I had stored locally. I have been so mad about this that I just typed all this on my iPad. Have a good day everyone and as far as att “Go To H***”

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