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Samsung Galaxy S4 losing connectivity to network


Samsung Galaxy S4 losing connectivity to network

Periodically, my Samsung Galaxy S4 loses connectivity to the AT&T network. This happens in known strong-signal locations. I'll notice I'm disconnected from data network and not receiving calls, texts, new voice-mail alerts, etc. When this happens, phone generally shows zero/one bar. I'll reboot the phone (without changing location) and everything will work fine for a time.

Any ideas?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 losing connectivity to network


Hi @jbliss1 


We appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us! We apologize for the negative experience.  You mentioned that after rebooting the device that it started to work again. This may be a result of a third party application that you have installed on the device. To test if this is indeed the cause, try running the device in safe mode for 2-4 hours. Here are the instructions: http://bit.ly/1ao7YeT.  


While in safe mode, test to see if the device holds a signal. If it does while in safe mode, reboot the device to restart the device in normal mode, then proceed to uninstall the third party apps beginning with the most recent until the problem stops.  If it still occurs after completing these steps proceed to the next steps. 


Back up all of your personal data by connecting to Kies: http://bit.ly/1f6qcyQ. After backing up complete a factory reset: http://bit.ly/1mw41Yf. After the factory reset and before re-installing any new applications test the device again for signal.  


Thanks a lot!

AT&T Community Management Team

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 losing connectivity to network

my solution to this problem was to go to the settings then more then app manager and turn off all the at&t crap along with all the samsung crap. one of these apps is crashing the radios that switch the phone from wifi to the mobile network. turn off everything you don't use.

my list

att family map, att locker att navigator

blurbcheckout, chat on, city id, drive mode,flip board, galaxy apps, hangouts, hp print services,isis wallet, mobile tv,s health(yeah i use that) samsung link,samsung print, samsung watch on, story album, trip advisior,yp.

I am going to start turning them back on one at a time and see what one is causing the problem. 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 losing connectivity to network

Just curious whether you followed through on your test to determine the offensive app.  Went ahead and turned off a bunch of the ATT stuff on the wife's phone...so we will see if that helps but about once a week she goes to work and spends the day with a brick for a phone that she is unaware is not connected to the network (despite appearing to have a network connection...). Samsung GS4 running 4.4.2.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 losing connectivity to network

Created an account just to say that this fixed my problem!  I disabled all of the ATT and Samsung bloatware and my phone's LTE has been stable for over 2 weeks now. 


My Symptoms:  Every 2 or 3 days, LTE would stop working.  phone, data, sms would not work even though it showed an LTE signal.  Restarting the phone or going in and out of airplane mode would restore LTE. I took the phone to ATT and they flashed it.  Still had problem. took it back and they said it was a known issue.  They eventually brought out an official looking document from Samsung that had the exact issue my phone was having and it said that they were working on a fix but not to exchange the phone.  The workaround was go enable and then disable airplane mode.


I started searching the internet to find this document and was unable to.  I found this posting and figured I'd try it and it WORKED!  Thank you!!

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 losing connectivity to network

I've been having the same issue several days a week (sometimes multiple times a day) for the past couple of months. Like beardgod said, I don't even realize my phone is disconnected from the network until I try to text message/make a call or view traffic in Google Maps. I called and spoke to an AT&T rep when I first noticed this issue was recurring who had me restart my phone. Yes, that always resets my connection to the network and takes care of the issue, but do I want to do that nearly every day? Switching to airplane mode and back is quicker, I'm assuming (just learned about that option from this thread and will try it), but still, what a pain. I took cleller's advice and went through my app manager to turn off AT&T and Samsung bloatware (aside from AT&T Mobile Locate), so hopefully that helps. Very frustrating issue. 

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Not sure why this is marked as solved. The problem is con...

Not sure why this is marked as solved. The problem is continuing as evidenced by multiple threads in multiple forums. Until Samsung/AT&T addresses this, I will not consider another Samsung device. If there is no support coming from Samsung for this, and I have to disable all Samsung and AT&T bloatware for a work-around, then I will get an unlocked Google Nexus phone and shop around for a phone company.
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Re: Not sure why this is marked as solved. The problem is con...

I've been having the same issue. Did the recommended wipe on the phone using Samsung Kies, waiting a few days, and still hit problems with losing signal. I knew then it wasn't the 3rd party apps and re-installed them using Kies.

I've been having this problem since 2 days after my 1yr warranty on the phone expired. Samsung and AT&T are both refusing to fix the phone or the problem. I have been making videos, recording the process I have to go through, for LEGAL purposes.

This isn't right and I've been dealing with it, every few days for the last 6 months. Its no wonder Samsungs Stock has dropped 30% in the last 3 months.

My parents have iPhone 4s and theirs still work great! They had them already 1 1/2 years before I came on their plan and bought a Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 losing connectivity to network

The same problem here!

Every 40-60 minutes it loses cell signal for 20-30 seconds. Can't make nor receive phone calls.

Tried to deal with AT&T Support since May of last year while the phone was on the warranty, spent like 4 hours total... Thought it was bad Secure Element SIM card, changed the card. Tried Safe Mode. Hoped some Android update would fix it... Now, phone is out of warranty, Samsung welcomes it for a "fix" :-) sure with the charge. Also, read forums they are sending "fixed" phones back to folks still having the same issue.

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Re: Not sure why this is marked as solved. The problem is con...

I've also had this problem since day 1. I'm not on ATT, but TMobile it's not a carrier problem but a Samsung problem, and they know very well it's their problem. TMobile is doing the same thing, not fixing it, except their taking the ignorance path instead of even admitting it's a known problem. They'd rather sell you a new shiny phone than fix their previous abomination of a "flagship" phone entirely gimped by poor q.a. and middleware.  I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT IN MY LIFE.  I hope they die in a fire.

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Re: Not sure why this is marked as solved. The problem is con...

@SamsungCanDie I have a Galaxy S5 and live in a basement unit rental. I accept the fact that I will not get good coverage unless I step outside. There are a few spots within my rental where I can usually make a phone call or send text with 1-bar. However, slowly this has gotten worse. But when my cousin comes over she gets 4-bars on her old iPhone with a different carrier. I can't figure out if it is the carrier or the phone, but would gladly switch if I knew it would correct the issue.

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Re: Not sure why this is marked as solved. The problem is con...

could you please email me @ rjenkins262@gmail.com with what kind of account it was that u used when u had stated that u had opened a new account and that fixed ur s4 from not getting service n connecting to network please or u can text me ro jenkins @ 269-783-6780

thank you ... really hope to hear from u very soon


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