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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 Contacts App Crashing


Samsung Galaxy S3 Contacts App Crashing

I am currently having trouble with the stock Contacts app on my phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, running Android 4.3. I am trying to update some contacts in my phone (specifically, adding contacts to the ICE - emergency contacts group). I am able to get to the groups screen and select the ICE group, but when I click "Save" I get the error message: "Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped." I am then taken back to my contacts list, and the group change has not been saved. 


I have tried doing other edits to the contacts (adding a note, adding a new phone number, etc.) and these changes are saved without a problem; the crash is only happening when I try to update the group that the contact belongs to. 


I have tried restarting the phone, as well as force stopping the app and then reopening it, with no luck. Any additional suggestions, or has anyone else run into this problem?

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 Contacts App Crashing

I'd also like to point out that lots of people are saying they did the steps (and explained what they did) and they are saying it still didn't work. What I have noticed though is no one is saying they logged into the online version of google contacts to verify the groups assigned for their contacts. I'm no expert, but I think this was a key problem in finding the solution. I think google changed something at some point and it broke the syncing because of the group catagory settings.


To everyone saying this didn't work for them:


Please let me know if you actually cleaned up your online google contacts (put everything in the right catagory and every contact was part of the "My Contacts" group). If you did this and all the other steps, I would like to know. I did this procedure on two phones and it worked for me.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 Contacts App Crashing

In my case the Exchange Activesync account on Nine (probably the best EAC App available except for this bug) was causing the problem.  Non of the contact from Nine are working.  All the other contacts (linkedIn, Google, Outlook.com, Facebook) are working.  I had to remove the Nine account to go back to the native Android EAC, too bad.


Hope this will help



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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 Contacts App Crashing



I have had this issue since the Android 4.3 update in February.  This solution fixed my Contact Synce and crashing problem.


I have many, many categories and leave some contacts (old or out of date) un-categorized, so I didn't necessarily want everything in "My Contacts".


But clearing the cache and data for both Contacts and Contacts Storage did the trick!  It was probably corruption in the Contacts Storage as I had cleared Contacts data and cache before without any results.


Do backup your contacts to your SD card and then re-import them.  They are currently syncing to my Google account.  Once they are done, I will do a "Find and Merge Duplicates" to get rid of the duplicate entries created by re-importing the saved contacts on the phone.


Thanks for the tips!

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 Contacts App Crashing

I was able to fix the same issue by :


  1. Export all contacts to a vcf file.
  2. Use the Application Manager to clear all data and the cache from the Contacts and Contacts Storage apps
  3. Import the contacts back into the Contacts App.  


I hope that helps,

Ski Bum

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