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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Anyone else having issues with their Note 3 GPS? I'm having an issue were every time I plug or unplug the charger from my phone the GPS drops out. I have to then toggle the GPS on/off in my quick settings to get it working again while navigating. It also seems to drop the signal when I get an incoming phone call while using the navigation app. I have confirmed this same behavior on 2 other friends Note 3's. I'm hoping this is just a software issue that will be fixed in a future os update.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Since updating to KitKat 4.4.4, I too, am suffering from GPS related issues. I cannot get a stable lock. Once I do using navigation, the "Searching using GPS.." will just constantly blink. Every so often, I'll get the "Lost GPS signal" and it will disrupt my journey on the road. I am really frustrated as I depend on my phone's GPS and live google traffic for work. I'm thinking about going back to the old 4.4.2 version, at least GPS usage is bearable. ATT..please rectify this GPS issue on the next update, 5.0 Lollipop please!

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I'm back again.


It has gone from bad to worse with the latest update that was pushed to my phone yesterday - Android version 4.4.4 / Kernel Version 3.4.0-3032228.


Going from 4.3 to KitKat fixed our GPS problems. It took months, but we finally got working GPS. But with the last 2 software updates, things have gone from good to bad to worse for me.


With the inital KK update, Ingress, Waze and Google Maps worked perfectly.


After first update - the original GPS problems of 4.3 started showing up again. (Locks taking a long time, dropping, and just being pretty unreliable)


With the latest update - I am struggling to get a GPS lock AT ALL.


Could someone at AT&T please let us know if this is a known problem again?



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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Funny it has happened again. On my side it didn't return back since I am on a different network. I do believe this is ATTs fault for sure now. I have 4.4.2 android version with kernel version of 3.4.0-722276

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Gonna go out on a limb here with my guess as to what happened:


I think a lot of work was done to verify that the original problem with AT&T's Note 3 was due to a bad driver. The problem went away for people who rooted the phone and replaced AT&T's GPS driver with the default Android provided driver. For those of us who didn't root our phones, we were stuck in a terrible GPS state until they released KitKat (4.4) 5 or so months after launch. KK apparently had a working driver and all was well.


With the latest updates to KK for AT&T's Note 3, I fear that someone may have put a bad driver back into the mix. Not sure if they could have used the same one from 4.3 or what, but it is now terrible.


I feel our only hope is to reach out to those who were watching this thread from before and ask that they please look into the problem again. Going another 5 months without a working GPS is just something I am not willing to stomach again. =(


AT&T CM's - Can we get any confirmation that this is a known problem?

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

GPS works fine on 4.4.2 KitKat. Wait until you update to 4.4.4, GPS will be unreliable!


Are you listening At&t?


If there is an 5.0 Lollipop update, please fix our GPS problems that you have dug from the grave. If 5.0 is too long from now, we will appreciate an incremental 4.4.4. update that will at least get our GPS in working order.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue


@Blackjack II 

First off there are can be some possible causes. These are: (1)No clear visibility to GPS Satellites. If the user does not have a clear view of the sky or if they are in a building this may degrade signal and performance. (2)There location settings may be off. They may have been turned off during the update. They can also ensure that they : "High Accuracy" mode enabled for best performance. (3)Third party cases can in some events block the GPS signal. (4)There Maps software is not up to date. After they completed the update, they can ensure they have the latest version of the MAPS app on their device by visiting the Play Store.  

Here are some steps they can try: 

  1. Perform a soft reset: With the device still on, remove the battery for 30 seconds. After the time has elapsed, replace the battery and power on the device. 
  1. Step outside into an open area where you can clearly see the sky. Any obstructions to the view of the sky such as mountains, tall buildings, dense canopy, thick walls, etc. can cause your GPS not to acquire a signal. 
  1. Verify the device has no physical or liquid damage, for example, the device was dropped or got wet. 
  1. Check for any available software updates for your device at Samsung Support. 
  1. Check for any updates for Maps in the Google Play Store. 


Thanks! ^Jake 

Samsung Support

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

It's a software issue, I did a hard reset but nothing fixed it, so I just went to a ATT service center and had them "reflash" my software to 4.4.2 again. GPS actually works again. Won't be updating again...
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Respectfully, you are not reading the thread. What you suggest are VERY BASIC steps that I took on day one. Over the year it was clear that there was an issue with an AT&T config file of some sort. Like others the problem cleared up with 4.3 but with The latest update the GPS while not as bad as originally posted, still unusually inaccurate.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Good luck with that. I highly doubt they will release an update just to fix
this issue. I believe 5.0 lollipop will be released soon for the Note 3,
hopefully all these issues are addressed.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I am updating this forum again after swapping my SIM over a month ago. In the past 2 weeks I have not lost a GPS signal once and I use it on a daily basis. So for me anyway the SIM swap fixed the issue for my particular phone. I would give it a try if you have tried everything else as I have before I was advised by a AT&T Tech Support to try swapping your SIM. Good luck to everyone!

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I just had AT&T change my Sim card. This fixed nothing.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Same here, I just replaced SIM card a few days ago and it resolved nothing.  GPS is still broken and ATT does not appear to care.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Take ur phone to an ATT "Service Center" and have them reflash ur phone to 4.4.2


Worked for me!

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Just got off of the phone with James at AT&T. He was unable to find a reference to this problem in their system. He said he would note the issue and spread the word. I invited him to look at this site, share with his colleagues, and post updates here - hopefully someone will.


Looks like I will attempt a factory reset to 4.4.4 and if that doesn't work a reset to 4.4.2.


In the meantime, everyone should call in: 1-800-331-0500. It only took a minute to get through to an actual human - much easier than Samsung's tech support.



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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

XDA has a fix for the GPS by entering service mode.   I'm on 4.4.4 and found that it works.  It rebuilds the Network Verification for GPS.


Good luck.

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