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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Anyone else having issues with their Note 3 GPS? I'm having an issue were every time I plug or unplug the charger from my phone the GPS drops out. I have to then toggle the GPS on/off in my quick settings to get it working again while navigating. It also seems to drop the signal when I get an incoming phone call while using the navigation app. I have confirmed this same behavior on 2 other friends Note 3's. I'm hoping this is just a software issue that will be fixed in a future os update.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Well the 5th phone (got it Monday afternoon) and at about the 24 hr mark, the GPS issue started. As expected 


Anyways, this time I came up with a new test, I turned off data 100% (so no LTE/4G icon) from the setings --> connection --> data, then turned on GPS and AndroiTS GPS Tests. Got a full lock, then called the phone from my desk. I wanted to see if being connected to cell data was the main factor or not. To my suprise (and I tested this 4 times) when my phone started ringing, the GPS icon disappered, and stays gone until I switch it off and on again?!?!?!? 


My guess is even though I have shut off data, there is still a LTE/4G switch, but not sure. Just for S&G, I'm going to do another factory reset and delvic clear, boot up the phone and basically not use it except for phone calls (I'll use my S2 for everything); no internet, no apps, nothing. I'm going to disable all the apps I can and not sign into anything or even open an app that could possibly sign me into something. I know I did this before, but I want to test this again to make 100% sure I did not miss something. I'll report back tomorrow... 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Oh god, Please help?!?!


I have read threw this whole forum, and I need ...   


is general concensus now that the problem is software, and effects ALL ATT Note 3's ,  and will until an update fixes it?


Or do some of us feel that it is hardware related also??


I am on my third note 3.    the first one, I DID NOT *notice* this problem..  (it was swapped out because of a fault charger port).   the second, and third , both did what is talked about in here  (dropping gps, but re-aquiring after off/on cycle).


I NEED TO DECIDE if I am going to swap my phone again before TOMORROW..   or I am past 14 days, and have to spend a lot of money !!   (BTW:  The new Best Buy insurance plan SUCKS!!!!!!)



If I have to root the phone, and put on a new ROM,  which one fixes the problem??


The irony here is that I switched to AT&T  so that I would not HAVE to root my phone!!  GRRRR!!!!



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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I'm on my 5th and it has the issue. Everyone.I know with an ATT version has the issue. Most of us agree it is software or an app because a factory reset or rooting and installing the X-Note (I think thats what it is called) fixes the issue. Factory reset only works for a day or two.

I'm running teats right now to see if it is an app, which one it is.

As a side note; if you root, there is a good chance you will lose your warranty. A lot of peoplw have issues unrooting and getting the padlock showing your phone is stock. This is the maim reason I have not rooted my phone and flashed that rom. Just a heads up.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

i called att ... they dont know anything about this issue.  i sent them this thread and they have a manager looking at it.  however, they said it most likely is an underlying software issue and will most likely be sent to samsung/google.  of course, that we know will go nowhere.  so we're stuck unless the software developers at samsung and google already know about it ... which i cant imagine how they would not.  i'm just waiting for the kitkat upgrade at whicj point if that doesn't fic it, i'm switching to a differnt model.



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Former Employee

Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Hello, everyone!


Thanks for posting. We're sorry some of you are experiencing GPS issues. At this time we're trying to determine whether this issue is limited to any particular location, so please send me a PM by clicking here. In your message, please let me know where you're experiencing the GPS issues.





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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue



Thank you, it is good to know someone at AT&T wants to help find a fix Smiley Happy



Well I'm trying the factory reset and not logging in thing again. At about 10am PST, I did a factory reset with the sim card and external SD card removed. Skipped or bypassed the Ready2Go sign in, the Samsung Sign in and anywhere else. I disabled all of the apps you can turn off that are in the app drawyer (there are a ton more in Application Manager, but I don't want to mess with those yet). I plugged the phone into my PC (still no sim card) and put the apk files for My Data Manager (to see if any apps use data even when disconnected from the play store) and AndroiTS GPS Test on the internal memory. Put the sim card back in and will watch if any apps try to download anythnig. I do have my tethering active so I can use my apps and get my e-mail on my S2. I have yet to open any apps (except mobile hotspot and settings) yet.


The plan is to not open anything, not even the internet so there is no way for any apps to update through the play store or through Samsung app store,period. If at noon tomorrow, the GPS still works correctly, I'll start turning on the disabled apps, one per hour to see if the issue returns. Hopefully this way we can find out if it is an app or something else.


Next step if this does not work is to pull the sim card, do a factory reset, install AndroiTS GPS Test (sideload), and not put in my sim card. That way there is 100% no data or cell data or anythnig.  

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I signed up to be added as another unhappy at&t customer experiencing this faulty gps issue.  I didn't expect to burn through an upgrade from note 2 to take a draw back on the problem.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Also joined forum to report same issue. While navigating with Google maps or Waze, my GPS signal drops out randomly. The only way to I get the signal back is to either:

-Toggle GPS off and back on
-Cycle my screen off and back on

But this is pretty dangerous to do while driving in traffic. Hoping for a solution soon!
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue


I would like to add that I just drove across the country from Colorado to New Jersey. The entire drive through I experienced this issue and had to cycle my screen to refresh my gps signal periodically.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Well that went fast. Just tested and the issue was back, way sooner than expected. I verified nothing updated so no idea. Just did another reset with the Sim card removed and keeping it out. We'll see, since it will be 100% off grid this time, this should be interesting.

There is a post on XDA that said the issue is the GPS config files, they replaced them with the international files and the issue was fixed.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Another affected user here. Gps goes out when switching between networks and connecting/disconnecting power cable. Waze works fine til gps signal drops. Takes 2-3 minutes before it comes back on its own. Quicker if i toggle gps switch. Google maps doesnt even register me as being on this planet at all. So yea....
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

That's what I've been saying. There's some inherent issue with the stock AT&T ROM. Apparently the GPS fix zip by drakeymcmb is just the GPS files only. X-Note ROM apparently contain these files as well. They're just a port of the International GPS files.

@kirk-icap  The problem isn't with Samsung or Google, it's AT&T. The reason we know this is because if we write over the stock AT&T GPS files with the international version it works fine. And when people go with a different ROM based on the International version it works fine too. As referenced in this post over at XDA by superbfox:


Since he backed up the following files:


I'm going to assume those are the files in drakeymcmb's GPS fix zip. That libloc_adapter.so file makes me think that's the file that deals with the plugging and unplugging of the charger but I could be wrong.


@ms_unicorn This isn't a coverage issue, it's happening to all of us all over the US. Doesn't matter where it happens because we can reproduce it at will by just plugging or unplugging our charger or just by calling our phones and forcing 4G LTE to be dropped down to 4G. So that means it happens everywhere. Please have your techs and engineers look at the files above and see what it is that they changed from the International version to AT&T's ROM and fix it. Better yet, make us an OTA update that overwrites those files back to the International version as most of us don't want to root our phones. 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

@lbDanny As I've stated before, don't think it's an actual hardware problem, as in the GPS chip is not faulty because if it was, then how come it works again just fine when those of us here in this thread have reset our phones. It then goes haywire after (usually) 24 hours. Like I said before, hardware either works or doesn't, can't choose to work for a certain amount of time then stops. Just like your TV, if the picture goes bad it stays bad, doesn't get better just because you unplugged the power and plugged it back in. 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I've been having the same GPS issue with my Note 3. I frequently travel between CT, MA and NY and I've always had issues with GPS signal dropping since day 1 regardless of the area I am travelling in. Recently, I visited Chicago and had the same issue there. In my observation, signal drops when 1)change from 4gLTE to 4g or vice versa. 2)if you receive a phone call.3)if you left your wifi on and the phone tries to pick up wifi from shops close by and last but not least 4)plugging in phone chargers. I have refrained fom changing my phone since I've been reading comments about ppl with no success despite replacing multiple devices.


On other note, I'm so frustrated with AT&T. I've gotten into verbal spat on few occasions regarding the issue with AT&T representatives. I hate how dumb they think customers are. I've repetedtly said there is forum on AT&T community board regarding the issue but everyone I speak to says thats the first time they've heard of the problem. They always give me the run around about back up and factory reset. I've been an AT&T customer for over 10 years and never had service problems before but the way they treat you is horrendous. One '4 letter expletive' ing guy (ATT won't let me type what I really want to say)  had the audacity to say "at least you don't have to restart your phone to turn the GPS back on." It makes me think twice about sticking with AT&T. I know Verizon CS is probably no better but at least their network and 4gLTE coverage is better. 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Funny, I was with Sprint for years before switching to ATT and I loved their customer service. Sometimes the level one guy would bump me up to a higher technician just because fix 1 didn't work for the phone and he didn't want me frustrated. I had a store nearby with a tech that could fix just about anything wrong with the phone. ATT has a local store, you need special permission to talk to them and all they know is reboot, factory reset and send it in for service. 

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