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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Anyone else having issues with their Note 3 GPS? I'm having an issue were every time I plug or unplug the charger from my phone the GPS drops out. I have to then toggle the GPS on/off in my quick settings to get it working again while navigating. It also seems to drop the signal when I get an incoming phone call while using the navigation app. I have confirmed this same behavior on 2 other friends Note 3's. I'm hoping this is just a software issue that will be fixed in a future os update.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I too have been having the same GPS issue.  I first noticed it playing Ingress, but as others have stated, I can easily reproduce the problem in any GPS app by unplugging or plugging in the charger or moving in and out of LTE.  


I also tried a factory reset which fixed the issue for about a half a day.  


After reading through all of these posts, I'm wondering if there is an update to a stock app that is being pushed that is causing the issue to surface maybe even the play services framework.  For me this is a relatively recent development on my phone.  I did not start seeing this behaviour until possible this month.  


Has anyone done a factory reset and stopped play store updates from being pushed yet?  Might be worth a shot.



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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Here's an odd question, is anyone here not playing Ingress?
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

@james27007 Smiley Happy  The more pertinent question is which faction! 


But seriously I've definitely wondered if ingress could be part of the cause.  But over at XDA this is getting discussed as well, and I've seen no mention of the game.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

@mrklaw lol, Resistance all the way. I agree, doubt out is the cause, but had to ask Smiley Happy
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

@james27007 Excellent.  I can trust you then Smiley Happy  


I'm thinking about trying another factory reset and not letting the phone update over the play store at all to see if that makes a difference.  

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I've had the Note 3 since Sunday January 10th. Purchased it new from ATT. I noticed the GPS issue right away. I use Waze whenever I am on the road and it constantly looses my location telling me no GPS signal is available. Outside of this GPS issue the phone is great but the GPS not functioning properly is killing it for me.

When I get into my car I place my phone in a dock, plug in power, start my music or a podcast and then start waze and go on my way. I use waze mainly to avoid traffic jams. It saves me at least an hour a week in my commute. I have had the following phones and used Waze or Google maps without issue.

Moto Atrix

Moto Atrix2

Moto AtrixHD

Samsung Galaxy S4

Nokia 1520 (For only a week)

The GPS on all of these phones functioned fine.

Please ATT address this issue soon so that I don't have to return the phone.

This is a bit rediculous considering this is a flagship phone.

How many in this thread created an account just to express frustration with this issue?

It's why I created this account

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

RogerSherman This is the reason i created this account too.

I hope ATT monitors this forum and does something soon. EVERY SINGLE ATT NOTE 3 I have seen has this issue. Every Verizon and T-mobile Note 3 that I have seen does NOT have this GPS issue. This is starting to become a deal breaker for me. I am starting to think I am going to return the phone.

Since I have only seen it on ATT phones and it works for a short time after a reset, I truly believe that this is a software problem.

COME ON ATT!!!!!!!
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

im having the same problems with nav apps.  havent noticed the 4g to lte and back causing it but never paid attention to that.  also the charger plugging and unplugging causing gps to turn off is happening, even with supplied charger and cable.  I've had the note 2 prior with no issues.  now upgraded to note 3 in oct. and having gps issues.  first contacted samsung and did the resets and all the steps they had me go through.  it didnt fix it.  went to att tech center and they swapped out the phone.  i thought wow what great service. thinking maybe i got a faulty one as i got if within first few days of release.  well that didnt help so att center gave me another  new one (that makes 3).  then it was 1-2 days the problem i was having was on this unit too.  i called att and tech service over the phone told me to contact the apps directly, becasue she couldnt see any faults from where she was at (ohio).  so today i called samsung directly and they are having me mail it to them to have their technician look at it.  she said she had gotten 1 other call about this, but didnt mention the resolution for it.  so hopefully 5-10days ill have a working note 3 the way i extepect it to work.  i use navigation apps about 3 hrs a day and is one of the reasons i like the notes, the screen. hopefully if it software related the fix comes quick. 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Well somebody came up with a fix over at XDA, unfortunately you have to be rooted. I don't want to root my phone so I won't be testing out that fix. And as others have said, flashing to X-Note ROM solves the issue. They have said the X-Note ROM contains the GPS files from the International version so I'm guessing the fix is probably a flash only of the International GPS files. I'm just waiting for KitKat to come around to see if it fixes the problem. If it doesn't then I'll fix it the hard way.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

goldendragOn The sad thing is it will probably be 6 months until ATT releases KitKat.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

@mrklaw I tried that on the last factory reset. Since my 4th phone would last about 23-26 hrs, I thought it was worth a shot to do a factory reset and not install anything or let anythnig update. I didn't even log into gmail, so there way no way for the play store to run updates; really felt odd having a phone with nothing on it (I used my old S2 to play Ingress while I waited); I did not sideload anything. However I did disable every app possible. Well right around the 24/25 hr mark, GPS issue came back. So it comes down to a firmware and/or hardware issue Smiley Sad


I agree, would be nice if AT&T actually provided a fix for this. I think the next step is a copmplaint to the BBB or FCC, I have let AT&T try and fix the issue without a resolution that is acceptable. This should get thier attention.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

@james27007 When you did that, you skipped entering in all the stuff at reset right? I mean the whole AT&T Ready2Go thing and the Samsung Account. No Google account either. Just a reset and skipped everything and just letting the phone sit there? Even when you entered Google Maps and it asked you to sign in, you skipped that too? Because as I understand it there's some settings that goes with our Google accounts that get backed up to their server and is restored to our phones after logging back in. So if you did sign in somewhere then it could be some setting that gets restored a day later. 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

@goldendrag0n Correct, I did not sign into anything.


I skipped the 1st splash screen (the Ready2Go), skipped the Ready2Go popup, skipped the samsung account signin. When I opened maps and it asked me to sign in, I skipped that too. So there way no way for the phone to connect to the play store or know it was linked to me in any way.


I did not sign into my work e-mail or google on the internet brower or chrome (just in case it somehow signed in my phone). The phone was 100% disconnected from any account of any kind except my phone number through the sim card. 


So there was no way from the phone to update the stock apps or settings in any way

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

@james27007 Well that certainly narrows down a few things. Thanks for testing that out, was gonna get around to it but was too lazy. It seems to be the 24h mark for most of us, although my first reset I managed to get it to appear right after reinstalling everything and I was just starting to set everything back up again so that one time it managed to appear before the 24h mark. Then it must be some inherent bug with the ROM, hardware just can't choose to work for 24 hours then call it quit and since you effectively stayed offline after your reset it can't be an update. If it was hardware it'd stay broke, can't just keep resetting it and having it work for 24 hours every time. 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Well...  just signed up as well to be added to the list of people having the GPS problem.  Really sucks coming from a Note 2 where everything worked perfectly.


Anyway, I think we should all call ATT and keep getting replacement phones from them until they notice the financial impact this problem is causing.  Maybe they will put some attention into fixing this issue then?

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