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SIM card removed. Samsung Galaxy S4


SIM card removed. Samsung Galaxy S4

For the past few weeks my Galaxy will randomly display a message that says SIM card removed--Unable to detect your SIM card. Your device will restart to check for your SIM card.  It is now more frequent (at least 3 times a day). My phone is out of warranty, I believe.  Is there anything that can be done?

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Re: SIM card removed. Samsung Galaxy S4

It is possible that it is a SIM card problem. I would try replacing the SIM. If it still happens, then the problem is the phone and you will have to check with Samsung to see if it is repairable. Otherwise, you will have to replace your phone.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: SIM card removed. Samsung Galaxy S4

Hi mburns0039, 

Thanks for reaching out. We apologize for the negative experience. Did you notice this starting to occur after any recent application downloads or updates?  Have you noticed any sign of physical or water damage to the device or bent pins in the sim slot? Have you tried testing a different SIM? 

Here are some steps you can try. A soft reset. Power off the device, remove the battery for two minutes, and replace it. Power back on. If this does not work then we can proceed with safe mode. Here are the steps : http://bit.ly/1qApOAZ. Safe mode disables all third applications on the phone and will allow you to determine if one of these are a possible cause. Please run in safe mode for 2-4 hours. To exit safe mode just restart your device.  

If this does not change them please back you your data using Kieshttp://bit.ly/ZLMELv. After you back up the device please perform a factory reset. Please let us know if any of these steps work! Thanks! ^Jake 


Samsung Support

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Re: SIM card removed. Samsung Galaxy S4

My S4 was doing the same thing. Followed all the above steps and it didn't help(new sim card, soft reset, full reset). I had read on line in other forums to try and put a "shim" on top of the sim card to tighten it up in the slot.That didn't help either. Also read of people replacing the sim card tray and having no luck either(I didn't do that!).

Called Samsung and they went through all of the above steps again with no luck. They finally had me send it in and they replaced the main board under warranty(I was just under 1 year).

I haven't had any problems since(been about 6 months now).

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Re: SIM card removed. Samsung Galaxy S4

According to AT&T this is a known issue that Samsung is "actively trying to find a solution for" and the only fix currently is to send the device in.  What about those who are just out of the one year for warranty replacement Samsung?  We get hosed because of buggy software updates that you all push out to the phone?  It is odd that when you call Samsung they state that there is no known problem, but AT&T received a message from Samsung about this being a known issue.  Samsung needs to step up and take ownership of their products.  Without rooting my S4 and installing a custom ROM, how can I revert back to 4.3?

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I solved the problem! I switched to Verizon and got a new...

I solved the problem! I switched to Verizon and got a new phone.
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Re: SIM card removed. Samsung Galaxy S4

My 15-month-old S4 started "No SIM" about 3 weeks ago; after replacing card and visiting ATT Support Center to find no help I put a paper shim in the slot 5 days ago. It's been fine since... 

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Re: SIM card removed. Samsung Galaxy S4

I also had this problem start back in January. My year was up in December.  I was told to go to the att phone repair centre (which is not that close to me).  I just put up with it for a while as it was not that often. Then it stopped altogether, yay!  Then I did the software upgrade and it started again with a vengence!  I even got the error message in the middle of a phone call! I will not be upgrading to a 6 if i find any hint of this happening to them. I have no idea why Samsung cannot upgrade their customer service along with their phones.

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Re: SIM card removed. Samsung Galaxy S4

Oi ... 
Eu comprei um Samsung S4 AT & T desbloqueado  em 2014, e só agora eu mudei de empresa. Quando eu conecto o celular com o novo chip, o sistema me pede para desbloquear o SIM. Onde posso obter este código?




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Re: SIM card removed. Samsung Galaxy S4

I bought an unlocked Samsung S4 AT & T in 2014, and only now have I changed operator. When I connect the cell phone with the new chip the system asks me to unlock SIM. Where can I get this code?

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