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S8+ No Network Connection After Android Pie Update


S8+ No Network Connection After Android Pie Update



My Samsung Galaxy S8+ refuses to connect to the cell network after the Android Pie update that I was given yesterday. I've tried the following to fix it:

  • Reset APN settings to default
  • Reset Network Settings
  • Factory reset

The phone still will not connect to the cell network. I have 3-4 bars but there's no LTE/4G/3G/2G icon next to it and data, calling, texting, etc fails.


Is this a known issue, if so how do I fix it?



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Re: S8+ No Network Connection After Android Pie Update

Hi there,

I have the same issue since the pie update.

I was postponing it as long as I could but then one day my little one had my phone and she must clicked on the permission for the update.

My phone has never been the same. It happened to me 5 days ago but I am desperate. It is getting ridiculous. S8+ as good as new, was perfectly working, battery lasts, had no issues but now when on wifi all of a sudden it will disconnect and refuses to pick up the mobile internet. All the bars there, just no connection. It does this randomly and it will stay disconnected for half an hour or more. I am missing calls, messages and all. I am not aware that  I am offline for so long, because it shows as if it is connected. The only thing that is making it to go back on line is restarting the phone.

Don't know what to do.

Did you manage to sort out the problem?

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Re: S8+ No Network Connection After Android Pie Update

@MichaellaBella It turns out when I did the upgrade, AT&T flagged my phone as stolen. I had to go to the AT&T store where they called support and had the tech remove my phone from the blacklist.

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