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MMS Problem

MMS Problem

I recently switched from Verizon to AT&T for wireless services.  I elected to keep my Samsung Galaxy S6; Verizon doesn't lock it's smartphones, so that wasn't a problem.


The native texting app on my phone is Verizon's proprietary app so, of course, it doesn't work on the AT&T network.


I have tried a couple of different texting apps, currently using Textra, but I am not able to send or receive MMS messages.


Is there a setting that I can change, or should I take my phone to the AT&T store for assistance?


Thank you for your help.

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‎12-24-2017 12:35 PM

Re: MMS Problem

Not really. Verizon branded Android devices usually never work with MMS on the AT&T network. It's because of the way they integrate Messsages+ into the ROM. 

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ACE - Sage

Re: MMS Problem

Using a 3rd party app should work and it’s the solution others used successfully with the galaxy line of phones.  


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Re: MMS Problem

Thank you for the reply.

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Re: MMS Problem

Thank you for your response.  It looks like I might be out of luck, because none of the third party apps I have tried will send or receive MMS messages.

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Re: MMS Problem

Verizon using CDMA tech vs ATT using GSM is your issue. Even unlocked the the doesn't mesh together. MMS always uses carriers signal even if you're on wifi. If the Verizon phone can't utilize the technology or frequency bands, it will never work despite anything anyone says.

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Re: MMS Problem

Thank you. It looks like I'll have to replace my Galaxy S6 to have the
functionality I want.
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Re: MMS Problem

I had a similar problem, and an (otherwise very good) at&t employee at a store concluded Verizon is probably including firmware to prevent some functionality. But I discovered a solution which works for me (Verizon S7 G930V).
In the end, I can use MMS and get 4G LTE service (at least the symbol appears in the status bar).

Input into your phone's Access Point Names the following information from this post:

Name - PTA

APN - pta

Proxy - Leave Blank

Port - Leave Blank

Username - Leave Blank

Password - Leave Blank

Server - Leave Blank

MMSC - http://mmsc.mobile.att.net

MMS Proxy - proxy.mobile.att.net

MMS Port - 80

MCC - 310

MNC - 410

Authentication Type - Leave Blank

APN type - default,mms,supl,hipri

Bearer - Leave Blank

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Re: MMS Problem

I had the same problem with Samsung Messages app (unable to send images via text or very slowly downloading incoming text messages with images), switching a Galaxy 6S Verizon to the AT&T network.  I finally downloaded the Google Messenger app on the Samsung 6S and it seems to work now.  

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Re: MMS Problem

@jv115544239 AT&T doesn't allow my iPhone 7 to make any changes. They have to do it all.

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