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Iris recongniton and cameras crashing frequently?!


Iris recongniton and cameras crashing frequently?!

Almost once per day on my less than month old Galaxy S8 Active the iris scan stops working and at the same time the cameras fail to work. A simple re-start fixes, but this us SEVERLY ANNOYING especially if I need to take a quick picture or unlock my phone. I need this resolved such that I have a reliable device... HELP! 

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Re: Iris recongniton and cameras crashing frequently?!

This is what you can do about a malfunctioning camera:

  • Remove a device case or SD card, if you have one.
  • Go to Settings, Applications, tap the menu to Show System Apps, and tap Force Stop on the Camera app then Uninstall Updates.
  • Try a third party camera app
  • Update software
  • Make sure your phone is backed up by going to Settings > Accounts and Backup > Samsung Cloud to make sure it's backed up. Or Backup and Restore, and make sure "Backup My Data" is on. Then go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Reset.

If you do all that and it's still not working, then the phone has to be replaced.

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Re: Iris recongniton and cameras crashing frequently?!

Hello @Boilermaker01,


We can definitely provide you with some more information about the Iris scanner on your cell phone. You can review a list of Circumstances where the Iris scanner doesn't work properly at the link provided. Also, what exactly is going on when your camera fails to work? Please let us know. In the meantime, we recommend using our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool to fix camera issues. Simply select your device and the issue, then follow the steps to find a solution. Let us know if this helps.


Sean, AT&T Community Specialist

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