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Galaxy s5 keeps calling 911


Galaxy s5 keeps calling 911

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Re: Galaxy s5 keeps calling 911

Hello, billrolo1212!


Thanks for posting. That's certainly unusual, and we would be happy to look into this for you, so please click here to send us a detailed private message.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns.



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Re: Galaxy s5 keeps calling 911

This happened today for the second time in about a month.The phone was locked in my front pant pocket as I was mowing lawn. Can the emergency dialer be disabled?
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Re: Galaxy s5 keeps calling 911

Bought the phone on 6/25, called 911 3x. Called Samsung and they were of no help.


It's a shame that this is happening.

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Re: Galaxy s5 keeps calling 911

It is still happening! HELP!

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Re: Galaxy s5 keeps calling 911

This same thing has been happening to me. I purchased the S5 via NEXT at the ATT store here about a week ago. I have litterally pocket dialed 911 at least 3 times a day since the purchase. 

I went to the ATT store where I was offered nothing, in fact I was offered to pay a 35 dollar restocking fee, and then would be able to buy a new phone. Wrong. I will not pay to exchange a broken phone. 

Then I was eventually offered 25% off a case as to try and remedy the problem. So I picked out a case, a Lifeproof Fre. After choosing the case, I was told by the store manager that I would not be getting the discount on this case because the system does not allow it. 

I am fed up with ATT over this issue. It is unnacceptable that there is problem. The emergency infrastructure is not set up for millions of false calls from users, and ATT doesn't seem to be willing to find a solution. 

On top of this issue, ATT is showing a complete lack of customer support about important issues such as this. I find it horrible that I am paying close to 2000 dollars a year for a service where the people in charge dont seem to care. 

TMobile cares, or at least they seemed to when I walked in an talked to them about their services. Not only does the customer service there seem to be top notch, they have unlimited unleashed, no monthly contracts, and various other features, such as unlocked bootloaders, which satisfy my needs a little better than ATT. It is sad that I have been an ATT customer for upwards of ten years and this what I am recieving as customer service. 

I would really like to stay with ATT. In the past the company has been bettter in the customer service department, but it just doesn't seem like that anymore.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Galaxy s5 keeps calling 911

Hey @billrolo1212,


We do apologize for your frustration regarding this feature. Unfortunately, deactivating this feature is not a configurable option, as it is required by FCC regulation for all devices with a screen lock. However, if you change from having a lock on your screen to simply having "Swipe to Unlock" on your screen this feature will be removed. 


Kay with Samsung Support

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Re: Galaxy s5 keeps calling 911

Unfotunately this is an issue that faces a lot of devices, both Andorid and none Android alike. The Samsung suggestion of using swipe to unlock is one that is ok, but I'd go a step further and use a 3rd party lock screen. MagicLocker Main, free on Google Play, is one I use on occasion and works great. Another option is adding a slip case with screen protection.

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Re: Galaxy s5 keeps calling 911

Yep, the butt dialed 911 is surely frustrating.


Here's what I've done, which seems to have eliminated it in my case


* always put phone in pocket with screen facing out, away from the body. Part of the problem is if you're doing something active, and you sweat, and the screen is against your leg (even through the pocket fabric) your body can essentially "touch" the entire screen. This has a non-zero chance of magically selecting emergency dial.


* use a second lock screen app. This is too annoying for me, I tried it for a while but the double unlock action just doesn't work for me.


* don't enable Settings, Controls, Auto-adjust touch sensitivity. It's already too sensitive Smiley Happy


* add a second (or more!) emergency contact number. Putting your own mobile number in as an emergency contact number means you've just doubled your odds of NOT calling 911. This, along with putting the phone screen-out in my pocket, is what's made me and the local 911 dispatch office much happier. The ICS numbers are in Contacts, Groups, ICE - Emergency Contacts. Just add a couple there, pointing at your same phone number, or some other non-lethal number, and then should your phone decide to go to the emergency dial screen you still have to be more unlucky to actually select the 911 contact.



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Samsung 911

If I keep my Samsung Galaxy 4s Active phone in my pocket with the screen locked. It calls 911. We have an RV and I have recieved calls from several 911 operators wanting to know what my emergency is. Is anybody else having this problem? What can be done to stop it?

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Re: Galaxy s5 keeps calling 911

I have the same issue here...I think it is being caused by something other than the dialer access.  Is there a feature that autodials when you press and hold on the screen after the dialer is activated.  This may be a firmware bug, as it should not auto dail 911 so easily (imho).  It did happen once on my Motorola in 4 years, and it has happened 3 times in less than a month with my S5Active.  Seems that others have a similar story, so saying that the FCC requires it isn't going to appease me.

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Re: Galaxy s5 keeps calling 911

UPDATE- So set my screen lock to swipe, and still autodialed 911(in the middle of a meeting).  I also have discovered that when in "Ultra power saver" this does NOT happen.  I also notice that there is a speed dial "ICE Emergency" number, can't you reset that to 000 and force a manual dial of 911 and still be compliant with FCC regulations?

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Re: Galaxy s5 keeps calling 911

Which FCC regulation is that exactly?  When searching the FCC site I found plenty of references to locking your screen etc. so you do not call 911. As a matter of fact, the FCC says that pocket dialing of 911 may be costing people their lives http://www.fcc.gov/guides/accidental-911-calls-wireless-phones. Even though I could not find the specific law, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. However, in the FCC article it mentions not to have 911 on any sort of speed dial. Well, the lock screen has 911 listed as the emergency contact effectively putting 911 on speed dial. You should offer the option to remove the 911 entry from the emergency contact list. The ability to call 911 is still intact the user simply has to dial 9-1-1. I received a replacement phone last week and did not put an aftermarket lock screen on it. The same day my phone called 911 from my pocket. Not only am I embarrassed, since I do not know how long the operator was listening to me. What is worse is that his time was wasted, time he could have used to help someone experiencing a true emergency. To mark the issue as resolved is disgusting and shameful. It has been over two hundred days since this thread was started and the issue has not been resolved. All the while people are not getting the help the need because of your companies lack of action. You should be ashamed. What law was that by the way? What regulation? Where does it say speed dial? It seems to be contrary to what the FCC recommends.

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Re: Galaxy s5 keeps calling 911

However, if you change from having a lock on your screen to simply having "Swipe to Unlock" on your screen this feature will be removed. 


Really Samsung?

I'll have to say that’s the best "solution" I've heard yet.

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Re: Galaxy s5 keeps calling 911



I couldn't agree more, Samsung and/or AT&T should do something about this. Here is a quote from the FCC website:


"Turning off the 911 auto-dial feature, if your phone has one. To determine whether your phone has this feature and how to turn it off, check your user manual or the manufacturer’s website, or call your service provider."



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