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Galaxy S5 email set up


Galaxy S5 email set up

Just purschased galaxy s 5 over the weekend from Best Buy. Can't seem to get my email set up. I've compared against my S 3 & still can;t get it set up. "Set up could not finish authentication failed". Can anyone help?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Galaxy S5 email set up

First off, make sure that you've got a solid enough signal when trying to set up your account(s). If that isn't an issue, double check your login/password. If that doesn't help, verify with your email provider to ensure you are using the correct information needed to set up for POP3/IMAP or Exchange sync (whichever one you're using).


 Edit: In some cases, you may need to enable the POP3/IMAP/Etc feature on your account to avoid any issues when setting up your email account for mobile use/access.

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