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Re: Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update


Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update

2 phones, both Samsung Note 4 (US) SM-910a

Both updated from lollipop to Marshmallow 6.0.1 last week.

Phone 1. keeps randomly rebooting
Phone 2. having Messages app issues (extreme freezing/text editing hesitancy, message notification heard but no message appears).

Mitigation actions:
- Cleared system cache
- Cleared MESSAGE app cache
- Would rather not have to factory reset if there are other options

- does ATT have user friendly troubleshooting app to scan marshmallow to identify misbehaving apps or any issues affecting operating system system stability?

Kernel version
Wed Aug 1719:04:42KST2016

Build number
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Re: Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update

Same issues with additional battery drain. Phone just went through multiple reboots. Even after battery removal. Only way to stop reboots was to plug in charger. Battery was 75% prior to reboots. After plug in to charger, battery indicated 15%. Kernal and build # same as above.
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Re: Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update

After the 6.0.1 update my Note 4 also suffers from very rapid battery drain. I've also reset the system cache with no improvement.

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Re: Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update

I've had the same issues. Quick battery drain, text lag and freezing, and random restarts then gets stuck in reboot loop. I tried everything...cleared the cache, cleared off most of the apps, took out battery and did soft resset and even master reset twice. Even after the master resets, still have issues with battery. Haven't put all my apps back on the phone and still drains. Checked battery usage and the most anything pulls is the screen with is 4% but on autodim. Never had any issues with battery drain before the marshmallow update. Seems fishy that no battery problems prior to update and now I have to replace the battery? Don't think so......fix the Marshmallow OS.

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Re: Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update

I had issues with Google search. It would never give me the option to type a search by this app or Chrome. I updated Google via the Play Store then lost settings for Google Now including my custom lock screen and wallpaper. I had to totally reconfigure my display settings of my apps and widgets. After making several changes (like clearing cache for Google Search), I saw that I didn't have the newest version of Google. I upgraded and everything was messed up again. Now I'm using the Dolphin app for my text searches.

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Re: Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update

Hi and thanks to all for sharing your experiences. It's good to know I'm
not alone.

We just received a new ATT update today and here's some info from the About

Version 6. 0. 1

Android security patch level
September 1, 2016
Baseband version

Kernel version
3. 10. 40-8932341

Fri Sep 9 1 6 : 55 : 32 KST 2016
Build number MMB29M. N91 0AUCS2EPH7

Was someone listening at ATT?

So far no unexpected reboots ( but as one reader mentioned, I have not gone
below 75% battery yet to see if this is the cause)

My wife's phone's messages app was still sluggish at first, and we wiped
system cache and Messages app cache and we're watching performance. One
post update issue is that our No-LED app that we use to notify us with a
constant periodic tone until we look at the phone stopped working on both

Thanks, Rick
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Re: Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update

I just received the latest update and now I'm having issues with text latency while typing. My texts take sometimes over a minute to send. The biggest issue though is when my phone goes to sleep by itself, I have to pull the battery because it will not wake back up. The LED light shows notifications but my screen won't come back on.
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Re: Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update

(Phone 2) I had one reboot last night after applying the latest ATT update yesterday evening (think I was at 94% battery), no reboot waiting for me this am and none yet so far .


(Phone 1) No texting yet on Phone 2 to gauge the performance of the Messages app but had to clear cache after yesterday's latest ATT update as it was sluggish to start (initial scrolling of the Messages screen was sluggish or seemingly non responsive)


(Both phones) I had to erase cache and data for NoLED and then was able to restore a backed up profile and it is working again on .

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Re: Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update

Phone 1 just self rebooted sitting in the charge cradle (100% charge).


And does anyone know why they changed the fingerprint functionality upon reboot where you have to enter in the backup pw th first time?

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ACE - Expert

Re: Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update

@rick27607 wrote:

Phone 1 just self rebooted sitting in the charge cradle (100% charge).


And does anyone know why they changed the fingerprint functionality upon reboot where you have to enter in the backup pw th first time?

because of security...  law enforcment cant make you give them a passcode but they can get your print and use it.

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Re: Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update

Note 4 here and been on 6.0.1 for about a week now. Performance continues to get worse. I've cleared system cache but unfortunately there were no noticable improvements.

  • Significant battery drain like others are mentioning, was at 39% and while trying to look at email for 5 minutes it dropped down to 22% - screen brightness was adjusted down to about 40% and bluetooth was shut off.
  • I can no longer seem to "Load More" on emails, it just spins when I click the button and never loads the email content. I tried increasing the initial load amount to 100 Kb as suggested in another thread, but unfortunately the issue remains.
  • Phone occasionally reboots on it's own, I'd say once every other day, however the lastest one got stuck in a constant reboot cycle and the battery had to be pulled to stop it.
  • Text messages are sluggish to type and send.

The phone worked great before the update... frustrating.

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Re: Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update

Sadly no further ATT updates received. Phone 1 rebooting* less but still an issue (3-6x a day now), periodic inexplicable fast battery drain, sluggish texting. *Blaming bad apps that worked on Lollipop that are now causing marshmallow reboot issues is a poor defense, and if so then there should be Google or AT&T supplied user friendly utilities to identify them. Phone 2, sluggish texting, fast battery drain There should be better transparency as to the issues and work underway to fix there user problems. How about a proactive contact to registered users with a link to a single point of contact website that is consolidating the common issues, share whether it is being actively investigated, official troubleshooting steps and potential fixes. This does not bode well for Samsung, ATT and Google.
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Re: Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update

Same here after 6.0.1 update phone is unusable. The phone freezes, has delays, apps are crashing, and the phone constantly rebooting even during the phone calls . I did factory reset, new battery and still same issue.

I am getting really angry with ATT forcing update on my phone. We all big bucks paying full price and now it is worthless piece of hardware.

If they not gonna fix it soon we all shoud get togather and file the case starting with Better Bussines Berau for ruining our devices. We should have always choice to opt-out because this problem with Android 6.0 is quite common and was reported on other devices and carriers

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Re: Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update

Hi and if it helps anyone.. After not receiving any new updates ( I read that there is another Galaxy Note 4 update being deployed in Europe right now), or input back from AT&T on this issue, I had previously installed an app called "SD Maid" and in this program there is a utility called "AppControl" that allows you to see all running and bootable apps. So, I started this troubleshooting process by writing down all of the apps I have loaded on my phone. I then ran SD Maid and selected AppControl, which searched and displayed an inventory of those apps that are running, and that boot up when my phone starts. Then I started with apps that I rarely use, yet showed as boot or running (or both) & removed them (you can remove an app from within side SD Maid's AppControl screen) and then waited to see if my phone would reboot or not. If my phone rebooted sometime during that day, I continued down my list, noting another set of applications that I deleted, and again waited to see if my phone rebooted unexpectedly during that day. After the fifth round of app deletions, so far, my phone has not rebooted, so I'm cautiously taking this as a good sign as my phone has not rebooted in 2 days. I will next go back and look at those apps that I deleted to see if I can add them back one by one and see if there's any adverse reaction to my phone'so functionality. So again, I just wanted to share my progress in case anyone experiencing a similar issue and wanted to try something different. All the best of luck, Rick
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Re: Galaxy Note 4 issues after marshmallow update

Here is my experience – My Note 4 phone was great on 5.1 and is now close to useless on 6.0.1.  Several crashes per day in different apps, super-fast battery drain 3-5 hours max with location, wifi and blue tooth all shut off, and then the icing on the cake is complete shutdown randomly when the battery level drops to between 20-35%.  The phone is totally dead and will not recover without a charge.  When you look at the battery drop graph you see a direct and instantaneous drop to 0% from say 28% completely without warning.  When I look at the apps list draining the battery there is nothing out of the ordinary with the screen consuming the most power at a reading like 13%. I did all of the obligatory switch the battery (I have two), cleared the cache, and performed a full factory reset.  Nothing has worked.


I went to the local store and the service rep was a joke.  He actually laughed at me and said "everyone knows not to load new Firmware on an old Phone".  I reminded him I am still paying monthly on this $700 Note 4 for 8 months and the FW update was pushed by AT&T onto the phone.  I powered it on one morning and the download was in process.  He then shifted to the “It is Google and Samsung’s fault with their Marshmallow image”.  I reminded him the image loaded on my phone was AT&T's engineered version of Samsung’s Marshmallow, released about 6 months after the stock Marshmallow was released by Samsung.  From my point of view, it was AT&T’s choice to adopt Marshmallow for this model and either release or not release an update for it.  It should be fully tested and ‘blessed’ by AT&T for each phone model they chose to support.  He then followed with the hard sales pitch for me to get sucked into a new $700 phone and 2 year next agreement – classic.  AT&T bricks your phone and they force a new sale and 2 year commitment – one might suspect this was all engineered that way.  Design in obsolescence since the new generation phones really are not that compelling compared to 2 year old phones any longer and drive new sales.


I then went to the Samsung experience center in Best Buy – the tech there said there was nothing they could do as the phone had already been updated.  Had I come in running 5.1 he could have loaded a clean version of Samsung’s 6.0.1 that is supposedly problem free.


Finally I went to an AT&T service center where they did a fresh load via USB rather than OTA.  They promised not to lose my desktop and other settings, app groupings etc… but of course that was all blown away.  Now a week out the problems remain and if anything are getting worse.  I rarely get over 4 hours of battery life even with the phone in my pocket and the crash to 0% hits me several times per day.


Please someone help!!!! I am not buying a new phone but this one is no longer a viable solution.  I like the removable battery and SIM card option and want to keep this model.


I am really frustrated.  [Edited to comply with Guidelines]

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