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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Anyone else having issues with their Note 3 GPS? I'm having an issue were every time I plug or unplug the charger from my phone the GPS drops out. I have to then toggle the GPS on/off in my quick settings to get it working again while navigating. It also seems to drop the signal when I get an incoming phone call while using the navigation app. I have confirmed this same behavior on 2 other friends Note 3's. I'm hoping this is just a software issue that will be fixed in a future os update.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I did a complete Factory reset on my Note 3 and it did not help. I took it to the DSC center and could not replicate the problem in the store but as soon as I got to the parking lot I was able to replicate the problem. Not sure what to do because if I can not replicate they see it as a non - issue. I will try another store and maybe even take the repor outside and show them.


This is what I do to replicate the issue.


1. Start navigation to your desitination, you do not have to actually be driving this can be done standing in one place.


2. Make a call to anyone, this will switch the phone to 4G

3. End the call and bring naviagation back up

4. Once it switches back to LTE the signal will drop

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

That's one thing I forgot. Google Sky works fine on all my other phones (still have 2 S4's) but doesn't on this one. It's always lost. The compass works fine though.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Using navigation just this morning, two phone calls did not seem to affect it but 5 minutes later the GPS list contact and would not reconnect until a reboot.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Ditto me too....  Seems to indeed be something related to how the Galaxy Note 3 switches back and forth between G4 and LTE, or vice versa.  Not sure if it's a hardware issue or a software issue at this point, but it is frustrating....never had this problem with my iPhone 5...  No word on this issue from Samsung, however....hoping a fix is in the works though...

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I have the exact same issue as the original post. If I have GPS running and I plug in my Note 3, GPS freezes and I have to stop/start GPS to get it to work again. I tired it with my wife's Note 3 with the same exact result. All it takes is using Google Maps to test, and it happens every time it is plugged in.

I also notice, while plugged in, that if I switch from an LTE tower to a 4G tower, it stops working as well. I can stop/start GPS from the drop down menu, but I have to pay attention to GPS to keep it from freezing.

Hopefully it is something in the radio attack that can be fixed with an OS update.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

How can an AT&T rep say that this is not a problem? Yes it happens when the phone switches from 4G LTE to 4G, BUT it ALSO happens when I plug or unplug the charger from my phone. Even sitting in one place and just having Google Maps open AT HOME, I lose GPS fix after plugging and unplugging the charger. That has NOTHING to do with apps that check your location. Besides from the AccuWeather widget that comes PRELOADED on the phone, I don't have anything else that uses my location, but that's besides the point. Plugging and unplugging a charger has nothing to do with any apps that uses your location as I said earlier. So what's going on? Do I need to bring my phone in the store for an exchange? 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

This s clearly a BUG in Note 3 device .I am thinking it is mostly a Hardware issue.Unless Samsung Acknowledges this issue and develops a FIX we all have to live with this BUG on our Note 3 Devices .Better to STOP using GPS on the Note 3 and use other GPS alternatives like GARMIN etc.


Did anyone Contact Samsung regarding this and tell them this is a Universal problem with all Note 3 Devices?Not sure if they even Acknowledge this Issue.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Because it does not affect ALL Note 3s, even within AT&T there are only a few of us with this problem. If it was UNIVERSAL as you suggest, EVERYBODY would be on here. I just need AT&T to tell me if it's a software issue or a hardware issue, software I'll wait but if it's hardware I'm exchanging my phone. We're all here looking for that answer, I don't know how you've all of a sudden become everybody that's using the Note 3 to confirm that it's a hardware problem, or you've become AT&T or Samsung to confirm for us. And if it IS a hardware oroblem, Samsung won't be able to fix it. So clearly you know what you're saying and seem very knowledgeable, I think we should all listen to you. </sarcasm>



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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I have GPS lock problem with my Note 3. This never happened with my Note 1. My Note 1 GPS locked as easy as breathing air. The issue with my Note 3 is that the GPS lock is very unstable when it comes to the locking process. The phone says the GPS is searching, however this process takes forever, when signal is lost in a tunnel when I'm on the road, sometimes I have to pull over and wait for a new GPS lock. In desparation I rooted mye phone and installed the ROM build 5.0 X-Transformer, the problem was not solved. I plan to install KitKat rom when it get launched. When my Note 3 finally gets GPS lock, it seems to be just as fast monitoring satelites / smooth / receives strong GPS signal as mye Note 1, however it is the initial satelite finding and locking that seems to be the main issue. I now regret buying the Note 3, Samsung has lost my cred Smiley Sad 


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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I know there is no answer to this, but I wanted to add I am also having the same issue, hopefully AT&T sees that this is more than just a few devices and does something.


I had the old S1 (Captivate) and got to the point that I was never going to use a Samsung device again becasue of the GPS issues it had. Well when the Note 1 came out and I heard nothing but great news about the GPS, I got one and found the GPS was perfect 100% of the time. I upgraded to the Note 2 when it came out and same result, perfect GPS. Well expecting the Note 3 to offer the same results, I got it without hesitation. Well my good luck has ran out.


After reading what I could, I have the same issue as many people here where the GPS icon flat out disappers when I switch from Wifi to data, or from 4G to LTE and back.LTE is spotty where I live, so my drive to work SUCKS! I had the phone replaced in early December for this (after multiple factory resets), the new unit worked great till last week (again 100% stock, not rooted and after 4 factory resets). I went to the DSC and got another just this past Friday, the GPS worked great again all weekend (switching between 4G/LTE no issues), until this morning. Problem is back Smiley Sad


What gets me is that this issue started popping up in the forums abuout the time AT&T released the 1st OTA update. I wonder if the OTA update screwed up the aGPS when switching radios or something.


I'm going to try shutting off "Use Wireless Networks" to see if that helps... 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Well, no dice. I cleared the aGPS (using gps status & toolbox), turned off "Use Wireless networks" then rebooted the phone and GPS still dies. Time to call AT&T again... 


On a side note, I called the device warranty number and they cannot send me a new phone, only another referbished one. I don't think it will fix it, but willing to try.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Now I'm convinced this is a hardware issue. The 2nd referb (3rd phone) lasted 3 days and now, not only does the GPS drop when switching between 4G/LTE (as I posted abouve) but it also now drops when plugging and unplugging the phone from power. What the fudge??? Well AT&T is sending another to try so I hope it works.


As a side note (this comes from tone78's post above):
If you take the phone to a DSC and need to recreate the 4G/LTE issue, make sure you are in an LTE area, call your phone and let it connect. Your phone will switch to 4G while on the call. Leave the call connected and connect to GPS (use Google Nav or Waze, some app that leaves the GPS connection on even if you leave the app), then have the person end the call. As soon as your phone switches back to LTE, the GPS icon will disappear.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Don't even need to call your phone, just plug/unplug the charger. But from your posts it now leads me to believe it's software. If it was hardware then it shouldn't have worked at all, but it did work for 3 days and now it's exhibiting the problem seems to me like software. It'd be a pretty big coincident the GPS chip goes faulty after 3 days when it was perfectly fine before, but I guess it could happen. And it's not the MJ5 update either, if you look back on that thread on XDA, member "agent" answered that question when he said his phone worked fine on MJ5 for a while before he started having problems, plus probably all AT&T users that aren't rooted and even some that are are probably on MJ5 right now and they seem to be fine as they're not on here posting. So maybe it's a combination of MJ5 and specific GPS chips that cause it to go haywire.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I have tried plugging and unplugging the phone and do not find that it affects the GPS.I did find that the car locator atsimply cannot locate my car.When using the arrow points and random directionsit seems that the GPS is utterly lost and cannot help me find a car.I have emailedthe developer to see if he has any comments about the note 3 as a phone.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Try the app GPS Toolbox:


Go into the settings and clear the aGPS, then redownload it to see if that help. It will also show you if your GPS works or not.


For me, as long as the GPS is on, I have a solid 10 foot [edit] lock [/edit] and I never lose it, well until I unplug my phone or switch from LTE to 4G.

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