Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Anyone else having issues with their Note 3 GPS? I'm having an issue were every time I plug or unplug the charger from my phone the GPS drops out. I have to then toggle the GPS on/off in my quick settings to get it working again while navigating. It also seems to drop the signal when I get an incoming phone call while using the navigation app. I have confirmed this same behavior on 2 other friends Note 3's. I'm hoping this is just a software issue that will be fixed in a future os update.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Just got off an hour long session with AT&T Resolution Center. The gal I spoke with was very nice, and when I explained the problem (again) she said "I know exactly what you're talking about! My fiance has the same issue on his phone!" She finally told me it is a known issue and currently "under investigation".


FWIW, at least I got that far. I also got some service credit. YMMW.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Well, at least they're acknowledging that there is an issue; now to see when we'll get a fix. Thanks for checking into this!
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Don't let them try and pass this off on Samsung. My experience has been pretty good so far with AT&T, but this is just plain stupid. If this was a Samsung problem, then why is it that the people who flash the International files for our phones report that the problem is solved. That means using unaltered Samsung files solved the problem, using alerted AT&T versions of the files: GPS signal lost. Doesn't take a genius to recognize the problem is with the altered AT&T GPS files. Reporting to Samsung does nothing, Samsung doesn't cook up AT&T's ROM. Other members in this thread also report testing other carrier's version of the Note 3 and they work fine. Wanna run that by me again how this is a Samsung problem AT&T?
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Just want to throw in my recent experience in fixing these matters, sorry if it is redundant info which might already appeared in earlier post. Just in case anyone who have not seen all posts yet.  I went to an ATT service center and the tech suggested to reflash my phone which I did, the GPS worked fine right away (without any apps, just preloaded ones). That night I reload most of my core apps, the GPS worked for another 3 days but now the drop GPS signal issue is coming back. The tech suggestted if this problem had come back they will send a replacement, and I personnally think the replacement will likely be a refurbished garbage so I might go to the store again and see what I can do. 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Hello, everyone!


We’ve been working with Samsung to analyze the situation and identify a solution. A software update will be released soon that will address the issue and improve the customer experience. Thank you for your patience.



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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I've had the same experience with Navigation as everyone else but the key thorn in my side is my bicycling tracking app which suffers from the same affliction as it seems.  I use "MapMyRide"  and others use "Strava" but both seem to have the same issue.  I may be riding along, I have the internal voice announce my pace / time / speed every 1/2 mile, then I'll notice that I've ridden a while without an update from voice and I'll stop to have a look and as soon as I wake up the phone, I can see that the GPS is off in the weeds, then it will all of a sudden find itself and draw a straight line from it's last known point on the map to whereever I am now, no matter the route I've ridden.  This cuts untold distance from my route and subtracts from my average speed for the route.  It is exteremely demoralizing to be riding 10's of miles and busting your tail to achive faster speeds over given intervals just to have some robot voice lady give you a false, slower, reading due to a GPS error.  Also, the MMR and Strava users lay down routes over popular streets and establish a time for a given interval, much like a Time trial, then publish it.  Others can then go to that route and ride it in an attempt to establish faster times than previous riders.  Imagine riding a route and you know you are having a particulaly good ride with perhaps your fastest time, and when you get to the end, you stop to check the app and it lost tracking, therefore not giving you credit for the ride.  This has caused me to nearly throw my phone in the river on a couple of occasions now.  I will be looking forward to the fix.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I'm following a suggestion that's I've come across on another forum.  There is a free app named "GPS Status & Toolbox"  Some claim success by using this app to calibrate yor GPS and then turning on an option in Settings/Background behaviour / "Use GPS when screen is off".  


I've tried so many things now including resetting to factory defaults with no success that I dont have a lot of high hopes for this one either but I'll be trying it this afternoon.  

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I'm seeing a whole lot of people re-hashing what's already been tried thouroughly in this forum.  


Please read the back log of posts.  

  • Getting a new phone doesn't help except to force AT&T to acknowlege the problem (which they seem to have done).  After 24-48 hours the problem with start happening on the new phone.
  • A factory reset will fix the problem for 24 hours if you leave the sim card in the phone.
  • If you remove the sim and factory reset the problem will not recur until you re-add the sim.
  • At this point the only proven solution is to root your phone and replace certain gps library files.  This has a whole slew of issues including voiding your warranty. 



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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

So I tried the "GPS Status & Toolbox" solution that I posted earlier.  I did a 3 mile run at lunch over a running trail that I normally have errors on about 1/2 the time I run there and I didnt have an error today but maybe I was lucky....  However...  what has to be more than luck is my 35 mile bike ride that I did this evening.  I have never did this ride without GPS errors since I've owned the Note 3 and I did it without error tonight.  This is a very good sign.  I'll keep updating as I continue to try this fix.  To clarify, I installed the app, Under Menu/Tools, I performed the Compas and pitch/roll calibrations.  Under Menu/Settings/GPS & Sensors, I set the Auto Download AGPS data to 6 hours, and under Menu/Settings/Background behaviour I checked the  "Use GPS when screen is off" option to on.  Good Luck !!

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Guys thinking about switching to the LG Flex cuz of this . I checked it out its a nice phone but the screen is greyer /darker( notice on whites) , 720 display, and no s pen. Would you do it if you had the option? ?
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

No,reviews of the flex have been poor at best screen is horrible. In
addition LG is not as good as samsung or Motorola etc at updates and being
an oddball model it's likely to receive little support if any. They have
Confirmed they are working on a software fix so that's a huge improvement
in itself. But if you insist on switching phones LG would be my last pick
especially such a poorly reviewed gimmicky model as the flex

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

Fyi, I know 7 people so far that filed a complaint to the FCC cuz of AT&T Note 3 sorry GPS! Its funny I know people with Tmobile, and Sprint Note 3 and told they have no problems with theirs. I'm hoping filing complaint FCC stings a little....Its a goal I have to spread the word as much as I can! I'm not stopping till its fixed!
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

From all that i have been reading the 4.4  leak AT&T vers of the firmware the GPS works also and no bugs. I wonder why they are taking their time in releasing it, if that would fix it.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

I decided to stick with the Note 3 instead of switching to the LG G Flex hoping AT&T will fix the GPS issues soon. I like the 3GB vs 2GB of memory, the 1080 vs 720 resolution, the USB 3 connector vs the USB 2 connector, and the 4.3 (soon to be 4.4) vs. 4.2 Android version.


S-Pen is nice, but not a big deal for me. It is the other specs that really do it for me.


I figured I can put up with the GPS issues for another month or so. I figure the KitKat ROM will be coming within the next 2 months which should fix the GPS issues even if they don't come up a fix before then.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GPS Issue

@mastaofdacat If anything switch to the G2. I used that before getting the Note 3. The screen is both beautiful on AND off. The flushed glass as well as the glass feels amazing. It just feels smoother than the Note 3 for some reason. Had it not been for the 2GBs of RAM and a slight problem with the signal I would have stayed with it. After disconnecting from a call it sometimes loses all signal and regains it anywhere from 10-45 seconds later. Happens about 5-10% of the time. And no, AT&T is also "unaware" of the issue. Even showed a girl working at the AT&T store that uses that as her work phone and was unaware that her phone was doing that. Flip side is the G2 will be LG's first phone to get the KitKat update so hopefully that gets fixed soon but then again that's less of an annoying and crucial problem than this GPS problem. To clarify, the G2 DOES NOT drop calls, just loses signal sometimes after a call. 


LG has also copied Samsung's multi-window and it exists on their G-Flex so I'm assuming once KitKat his the G2, it too will have it. Samsung's Kies and Kies Air are bloated and over complicated apps with limited functionality. LG's answer is something baked into the ROM itself called Wireless Storage. Turn it on and set the password and your G2 appears as a drive on your computer without you having to connect any wires. You can read/write to the drive wirelessly, just like the phone was plugged into your computer via USB. Worked brilliantly, you can drag and drop or copy and paste any files to exactly where you want unlike the convoluted Kies Air. Ergonomics of the phone feels spades better in your hand compared to the Note 3 with that stupid sharp temperature sensor hole on the bottom right hand corner that keeps digging into your palm. If I didn't think it'd be stupid to carry around two phablets I'd carry the G2 as my second phone. The killer for me was the 2GBs of RAM and at the time lack of multi-window and some of the Note 3's S Pen functions. I'd never get the G-Flex with the 720P screen. 

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