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Device Software Update: Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A)

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Device Software Update: Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A)

Good morning everyone!


Summary Description:

  • Effective 7/27/2016, AT&T released a software update for the Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A).
  • This update will be made available to customers to download via firmware over the air (FOTA). 
  • A Wi-Fi connection is required.


Device Update Enhancements:

  • Setup and Transfer
  • Wi-Fi Calling
  • IPME
  • AMBS Phase 3


Keep reading below for information on how to update your device!

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Re: Device Software Update: Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A)

tmoney316 wrote:

I'm not getting my updates either. The only way I get them is if I bring it into a service center and they do it for me. My phone is still under warranty, so I'm going to see if they'll replace it since it's a pain in the butt to bring it in to them every couple months and sit there for 30-60min when the phone should update it self over the air. 



remember they are going to replace your phone with a refurb.

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Re: Device Software Update: Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A)

I have a few months left on my warranty, so if the refurbished phone doesn't work any better than my current one I'll just exchange that one as well untill I hopefully get one that actually does what it is supposed too. Lol. Thanks for the heads up though.

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Re: Device Software Update: Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A)

I have a Samsung Galaxy s7 Tmobile.
At this time I am in UAE
I want to ask you that why my device is not updating nougat 7.0.
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Re: Device Software Update: Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A)

So last night I checked for Software updates on my Galexy s7 Edge, and I started the update. Unfortunatly my internet stopped working halfway through. This was out of my control, as a devices connected were disconnected. But now everytime I check software update, it says "Current software is up to date" even though I am on Android 6 and Android 7.0 has a released for s7 edge a week now. Did this issue arrise from the disconnect, or will it soon "come back" and update with the notification? I hope you can help

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Re: Device Software Update: Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A)

I want to do a manual udpate how to do

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Re: Device Software Update: Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A)

{edited for word filter evasion} you are not working



AT&T: Hello! How may I help you today?
Me: HI
Me: ???
James: Hello, my name is James. I hope you are having a great day! How may I help you today?
Me: HOW R U?
James: I am fine.
James: Sure, I can help you with that.
James: To get started, may I please get your name and wireless number?
James: No worries, I can help you with that.
James: Please give me 2 minutes to further review your account and check for resolution.
James: you can go to setting.
James: After that go to about phone.
James: no problem.
James: GO in about phone you will see the option for software update.
James: ok
James: Ibrahim, You need to visit the nearest samsung store.
James: They will provide you more information about the update.
James: Do you have att servies with you?
Me: NO
James: To pull out the account details.
James: What happens when you entered in about phone?
James: I have not received any response from you. Please let me know if you are receiving my chats so that we can continue.
James: Are you still with me?
James: Unfortunately I have not heard back from you and will have to end this chat session. Thanks for being part of AT&T. Have a great day!
Me: ?
Me: ?
James: Alright.
James: What happens when you click on about phone.
Me: nothing
Me: says need to be connected at t server
James: ok
James: Please visit the nearest samsung store. They will help you to update the software.
Me: nopes
Me: tried
James: ok
James: When you go to about phone. what options do you see.
Me: softwre updte
Me: status
Me: legal info
Me: etc
James: Which cellular services are you using in your device?
Me: vodafone
James: so you need to contact vodafone.
Me: tried
Me: did not wrk
James: What happen then.
James: If you don't see any update in your device then you need to wait for update, because it is comes from the manufacturer.
Me: no
Me: it comes from att
Me: the stupid service in d wrld
Me: bcz
James: I am sorry if you feel that way.
Me: i will shw u smething
Me: a\wait
James: We just provide data services.
James: Sure.
Me: may i know who released the update?
James: Do you have services with ATT?
Me: no
Me: it is like if u buy a att hone
Me: once the emi is cleared
Me: and switched t mobile or etc
Me: u cannot updae ur phone
James: If you don't have the services with att. How can we release the update.
Me: may i know how the software is downloaded?
James: Turn ON your WIFI, go to settings - about device and you will see the update, if it available.
Me: see att announced it that thy have released the update
Me: my wifi is 24*7
Me: still i cannot update
Me: y
James: if you don't see the update then you need to wait for update.
James: Reboot the device and check.
Me: ur company release the update
Me: for everyoe
Me: den y did thy exclude for me?
Me: not reboot i did reset the phone
James: I appreciate your efforts.
James: If it is not available, I cannot release it manually. Because you do not have services now.
James: I hope you understand.
James: I will not be able to check your details.
Me: can u escalate it please
Me: can i talk to ur manager
Me: ?
James: Sure.
James: If you want, I can transfer this chat to my manager.
Me: yes
James: Sure.
James: I will do it.
James: Please stay connected.
Me: ok
James: I am transferring the chat please wait.
Me: ok
James: Thank you.
James has left the chat
You are being transferred, please hold...
Agent Vicky enters chat
Vicky: Hello.
Vicky: This is Vicky. One of the Supervisors on the floor.
Me: hey
Me: wats up vicky
Me: you can see above cht
Vicky: Going good. How are you doing?
Vicky: Yes.
Vicky: I did check the chat.
Vicky: You want to update the software, right?
Me: yes
Me: you hve to make sure tht the update file is availble on the website
Me: so that people in abroad and chnged the carrier nned to update
Vicky: Thank you for the confirmation.
Vicky: I am checking that for you.
Me: oky
Vicky: Thank you.
Vicky: I will check and provide you with all the information.
Vicky: Do not worry about it.
Me: ok
Vicky: May I know which phone is that?
Me: s7
Vicky: Thank you.
Vicky: May I know your current version?
Me: 6.0.1
Me: marshmellow
Vicky: All right.
Vicky: I am working on it.
Me: ny luck?
Vicky: Yes.
Me: great
Vicky: I did check and you need an ATT sim card to get the upsdate from ATT or visit best buy location for the Samsung experience agent to install it.
Me: go ahead
Me: i m in india bro
Vicky: Do you have an ATT sim card?
Me: It will take 24 hrs flight
Me: to USA
Vicky: I understand.
Vicky: Let me check further.
Vicky: Please stay connected in this chat.
Me: k
Vicky: I am sorry, it is not possible to get an update. The best possible way is to visit Samsung store and install it manually.
Vicky: I have checked all the possible alternatives.
Me: no luck visited twicee
Vicky: What did they say?
Me: you need to check with at &
Me: t
Vicky: Okay. We can do that if you have an ATT sim card.
Me: bcz attt will hve the update file
Vicky: That is the reason, they have refer you to us.
Me: y shuld i
Vicky: So that we can send the update from our end.
Me: I made tht att sim crd is availble till i paid the emi
Me: the phone is unlocked by u guys so tht can use othr carriers
Me: I can*
Vicky: That is correct.
Me: for evry updte u want me to hve sim crd is tht fair?
Me: 4 scurty patches released
Vicky: That is to receive the update from ATT.
Vicky: Or else wait for Samsung to relase it.
Me: samsung is never gonna do that
Me: u know y?
Me: bcz i spoke with samsung developer
Vicky: All right.
Me: he said once they give the nougat version to att
Me: thy analyze and personalize their own as it is open source
Me: and release it
Me: and the personalization update file or boot file will not be shared by u duys
Me: guys
Me: and lot of customers like me with samsung or stuck
Me: can you put ur manager
Me: give me ur att account
Me: I will login and try
Me: account
Me: usename
Me: and passwrd
Vicky: I am sorry, it is not possible. I am checking with my Manager.
Vicky: Please stay connected.
Vicky: I am transferring this chat now.
Vicky: Please stay connected,
Vicky: Thank you.
Me: wc
Vicky has left the chat
You are being transferred, please hold...
Agent Ricardo enters chat
Me: Hi
Me: Agent Ricardo enters chat
Ricardo: Hi, you are connected with the manager, my name is Ricardo. How may I help you today?
Me: I was thinking u r manager
Me: ohh sorry
Me: u can go to above con bcz i lost patience of repeating it
Ricardo: Well, the system will says Agent, funny isn't it, it didn't recognise. Smiley Wink
Me: tell me what can be done by ur att
Me: ?
Ricardo: Well, I didnt understand your question.
Ricardo: Can you please elaborate?
Me: i want to say hahah but i cannot bcz my phone is not updating ... Smiley Sad
Me: pls read above so that you can understand the issue
Ricardo: Give me few minutes, while I quickly go through the previous chat.
Me: take ur time
Me: i am all here
Ricardo: So if I understand correctly you want to update the Software on your Samsung Device however as you in India you can't do it for phone is unlocked and not using an AT&T Sim card, am I right?
Me: yep
Me: good to go
Me: now resolution please
Me: pl do not repeat the same crap get att carrier
Ricardo: Well, the sofware update usually happens OTA.
Ricardo: As you abroad and not using the AT&T Sim the software update would not go OTA.
Me: same crap
Me: i m losing my patience
Me: can put ur manager now
Ricardo: There was a way through which you could have done it which is by contacting Samsung and see if they can get the update in a different way.

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Re: Device Software Update: Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A)

It shows the update in my notifications, but when i go into the settings>about device>system update It says my device is up to date. It wont allow me to click the update from the notifications bar either, and I cant clear it. Help???

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Re: Device Software Update: Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A)

There is no option
{keep it courteous}


Put the software update file on the Webpage or shut down your company.


{Inappropriate content removed}

like this on the samsung website


You guys and ur developement team is st


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