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Cannot regarge Samsung Focus


Cannot regarge Samsung Focus

I plugged in my Samsung Focus to recharge it last night, and this morning it has a black screen with an unusual symbol that seems to represent a dead battery with a warning sign.  The screen switches between the Samsung logo and this sign.  When plugging in the phone to either the wall or to my PC, the phone always turns on and goes into this mode.  I can't seem to charge with the phone turned off.  If the phone is in this state after 8 hrs of charging, then I'm concerned that it won't ever charge again.


How do I charge my phone now?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Cannot regarge Samsung Focus

That symbol being displayed means the battery is completely dead. had that problem too when using a different charger(was rated only 500mA), thought the battery was screwed then used the charger that came with it then all was fine again. Seems like the charger needs to be 700mA or above to charge normally. Thats why when i bought a car charger @ebay i made it sure i'm getting atleast an output of 0.7A. which works as intended. some chargers out there being sold is 5V 5A watch out for that as it won't provide enough kick to do the job, might just put it in trickle charge.
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Re: Cannot regarge Samsung Focus

Thanks, that gave me enough motivation to keep on trying.  I plugged the mini-usb cord into a different port on my PC, and it showed a single icon that implied the battery was recharging.  Sure enough, the phone eventually turned on again.


Unfortunately there were two variables: (1) completely dead battery and (2) different usb port.  However, it's unlikely that the different usb port had a different power, so I think the phone got so dead that it stopped bothering to turn on.  In other words, the phone gets in a state where it automatically turns on while plugged in, then discovers the battery is low, then turns off, and repeats.  This process likely drains the battery as much as its being charged, or more.  Eventually the phone gets into a state where it does not turn on, and that's when you can actually charge it.


It's too bad the phone powered itself off too late.  Other phones don't have that problem.

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Re: Cannot regarge Samsung Focus

just a reminder Voltages supplied by USB ports on some PC's are limited, actually its the amps that do the work. Will be enough to charge some devices(ie..bluetooth headsets) but not on smartphone especially the Samsung Focus which has a 1500mAh capacity battery.

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Re: Cannot regarge Samsung Focus

OP, you should stick to original wall charger that comes with the phone. It is rated 700ma for a reason. All PC USB ports and most all 3rd-party generic USB chargers or car chargers will only output 500ma max regardless how they labeled. The USB port needs some special wiring in order trick phone into AC charging mode to take > 500ma amps. Other wise, it will only take 500ma max as it is the maximum according to USB standard. When the battery is almost dead, 500ma will not be enough to start charging.


On Samsung Captivate (Android), you can tell how a USB port is charging the phone by reading the status page (PC USB vs AC). I don't think Focus (WP7) display that information. Both phones use the same battery and charger.


PC USB ports are only good for topping off. Don't rely it to charge your phone.

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Re: Cannot regarge Samsung Focus

I'm having the same issue. It just doesn't seem to charge while plugged into a USB port, whether it's a laptop or desktop. I'm not happy about it.

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/ Re: Cannot regarge Samsung Focus

My phone did not come w/ a wall charger, only USB chargers. Do they sell wall chargers for the Focus?

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Re: / Re: Cannot regarge Samsung Focus

shelleyhannah wrote:

My phone did not come w/ a wall charger, only USB chargers. Do they sell wall chargers for the Focus?

it should have come with a USB cable and a wall outlet abapter, the usb cable plugs in to the wall outlet adapter to become the charger.

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Re: / Re: Cannot regarge Samsung Focus

If you bought it in a Company store, Authorized retailer, or on line through AT&T, you should have had a wall charger (basically, a plug in with a USB cable) in the box.

If you bought it privately, you can purchase a wall charger on Amazon or other online retailers for a few dollars.

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Re: Cannot regarge Samsung Focus

I just returned my focus. It also stopped charging. I got the same icon. Couldnt getit to go away. I was using only the supplied charger. I leftit pluggedin for hours & hours but it wouldnt take a charge anymore. Gladit happened when it did! That 4.5in Infuse is lookin xtra sweet. I was very disappointed with WP7. Way too many restrictions. Always hada Windows phone. Looks like its time for some unresricted Android 4.5in luv!
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