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Help understanding AT&T Prepaid


Help understanding AT&T Prepaid

Hello Friends,


My name is Vukasin, and I am from Serbia. In 3 weeks I am coming to USA to participate on Work and Travel Program. I will be living in Block Island, RI for next 4 months. I heard that WiFi coverage on island is bad (which is expected), so I started looking for best mobile internet plan I can get. I need only internet connection over SIM card. I saw AT&T Prepaid Plan for 65$/mo. where it says that internet is unlimited. I read that I could temporarily experience reduced speeds during times of network congestion, so I have couple of questions for you, and I hope you can help me with them as I am not familiar with US carriers.

1. How big reduction of speed I could expect on Block Island, as it is small place where there's not to many people? Is it truly unlimited? I mean will I get highest speed when there is no network congestion even after 10,20 GB? I read that I can stream only in 480p, which is fine by me, but what about download speed?
2. Where and how I can pick AT&T SIM card on Block Island? Is there any store where I can buy SIM card and then later activate it with my credit card/bank account/PayPal?
3. Will it work on iPhone 6s if it's UNLOCKED version? I am planning to buy one as soon as I get there as I am currently using old Android device.

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‎04-27-2018 11:46 AM

Re: Help understanding AT&T Prepaid

Welcome.  Here are some answers for you:


The plan is truly unlimited and if there is no congestion, you will get regular speeds even after 22GB use.  Don't know how big of a speed reduction as it all depends on how many users are on the tower.  If there are not many, then you will not see a reduction.  Download speeds will all be dependent upon the number of users when you use the system.


As for the sim card, you should probably pick one up before you get to Block Island.  You can get them at the ATT corporate store, Walmarts, Best Buy, Target and Walgreens to name a few who sell them.


An unlocked iPhone 6s will work.

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Re: Help understanding AT&T Prepaid

Thanks for that detailed answer.

One more question, after I buy SIM card how can I activate it?

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Re: Help understanding AT&T Prepaid

You can activate it by inserting it in the sim slot of your phone and it will walk you through the steps when you are ready.  You will need to pay via credit card or you can purchase a prepaid card for the amount of the plan and you will enter that during the activation process of the plan you select.

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