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$2 Daily Plan 24 hours and Expiration


$2 Daily Plan 24 hours and Expiration

If I pay the minimum amount of $10 for the $2 Daily Plan, that means I'll have 5 uses? If I don't use them by the expiration date or if I don't renew the plan I'll lose the $10? If I do renew before the expiration date my $10 will rollover? Does every $2 give me 24 hours?

I noticed that I received texts and incoming calls that I didn't respond to and I wasn't charged.

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‎05-09-2018 3:38 PM

Re: $2 Daily Plan 24 hours and Expiration

The answer is yes to your questions.  If you refill prior to expiration, the money will rollover and add to the refill amount.  The plan is now $2 for 24 hours of use.  You are correct with your observations of how the plan charges your account, if you do not initiate a call or text or respond to those incoming, you are not charged.


If you do not refill prior to the expiration date, the funds will expire on that date and you will lose them.  The refill amounts are $10 up to $25 extends the expiration 30 days, $25 up to $100 extends it 90 days and $100 or more extends the expiration by a year.

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