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iPhone 6s Plus


iPhone 6s Plus

Okay my bestfriend has given me her iPhone 6s Plus since she had gotten an 8 Plus. So it is an AT&T phone , and 2 weeks ago I had ordered a SIM card to turn my phone on because the phone is currently not on. So they told me there was a problem with my order I had called twice and I had never spoke to anyone or a representative. So I went and cancelled my order. So i wanted to know what the error was I still have my order # and stuff but I need to turn on my phone so if you guys could help me that’ll be great. Because the sim was a prepaid sim , and I don’t think she had a prepaid phone I know she didn’t, so would it still work on this phone 

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Re: iPhone 6s Plus

This isnt at&t support this is a customer forum made up of other customers, your best bet is to walk into an at&t store and purchase a prepaid sim bypassing all the ordering, as losg as the phone hasnt been reported lost or stolen you can just pop in the new sim and you have a working phone after a few activation steps. as far as an error when ordering that would have nothing to do with the phone, could be a transposed credit card number, incorrect exp date on the card etc.

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Re: iPhone 6s Plus

You can also purchase the sim from Walmart or Best Buy if an ATT store is not nearby.  

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