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phoneup grade from iphone 3 to samsung S 5


phoneup grade from iphone 3 to samsung S 5

I am eligible for a phone upgrade and I currently have an iphone3 and would like to try the samsung S5.

What will be my out of pocket money to do this? Thanks in advance! Glammydeb

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Re: phoneup grade from iphone 3 to samsung S 5

If you're getting the phone at a subsidized price with a two year contract it will be $199.99 (plus tax).  If you'll be getting it with the AT&T Next Installment Plan (depending on your area's taxes) you'll just be paying for the tax up front, and then $32.50 monthly for 20 months.


If you don't want to be tied to any type of contract (two year or installments) and would like to go month to month, the phone can be bought at retail price for $649.99 (plus tax).


Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

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