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Transfer of upgrade while maintaining one phone


Transfer of upgrade while maintaining one phone

My mother is currently up for an upgrade, and has been for a couple weeks. She has a "dumb phone" so to speak, a pantech. I currently have an iPhone 4, purchased a year ago sometime in December. I am currently looking into upgrading my iPhone, most likely to a 4S, and giving her my 4. I don't need to worry about contacts, they're all in ICloud, so sims don't bother me. I simply need to know if it's possible to take her upgrade and use it for a 4S, while keeping the 4 active and transferring it to her. Thank you in advance for any responses.
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Re: Transfer of upgrade while maintaining one phone

Order the iPhone 4S on her line.  Once the phone comes in, verify that it is the phone that you ordered.  Then take your current phone, your mom's new iPhone, your mom and her current phone to a corporate AT&T store.  Explain to the store rep that you want to activate the iPhone 4S on your line, and give the iPhone 4 to your mother.  The rep can activate the appropriate SIM cards on the appropriate accounts.


Your mom will also need to add a data plan to her line.

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