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Lied about new plan?


Lied about new plan?

Got lied to and bill went from 185.00 to 265.00. with taxes. After being a customer for over three years called customer service to get no where. Because I upgraded my phone after three years and while on hold the they tell you upgrade for free but not true. Also second lie 4 phones for 160.00 not true either because if you don't get a new phone on their payment plan you don't get  the deals. We called to get me a new phone and my son a new phone. My husband had to call because online couldn't do it. At no time did they say we would have a new  plan because of my upgrade but after call today we are on a new plan, my husband asked several time that this will not change my bill and was told no you will still have the some plan but was  told bill would increase by 32.50 because of my sons upgrade. We could live with that being on a fixed income but not  218.00 to 266.00 this  is a big increase. I will at this point tell everyone I know NOT how much I love AT&T as I did before but how I am very upset and would not recommend them to switch to AT&T. Your manager called back and he couldn't say anything but he seen our problem but there was not anything he could do for us either.  VERY ANGRY IN OHIO AND DON'T LIKE BEING LIED TO. Be careful don't trust the voices one the phone and wait for bill may be to late like for us.

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Re: Lied about new plan?

I feel the same way.  I think the rep in the store lied to get the sale and now I am paying the price, at least for a couple of years.

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Re: Lied about new plan?

I am pleased to announce that a man in sales has taken care of us hopefully, We see on next bill. But I am now okay with my service. Will keep you posted.

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Re: Lied about new plan?

Ditto. I was lied to also about a new plan.


I was told explicitly that I could get two new phones and an iPad for FREE because I was a loyal customer and that my bill would not go up.  I questioned this several times!  I even said, "What's to prevent folks from taking these free things and then just walking away if they have no contracts?"  The sales rep told me that this was AT&T's way of thanking us for being loyal customers for 20 years.

As soon as the Bill came in (for $260 instead of $170) we went to the store and spoke to the manager.  We told him that if he couldn't fix it he needed to cancel the plan.  He said he would fix it.

Then the next bill came in again at $260 we went to the store again, spoke to the manager.  The sales rep claimed she didn't tell us that, that there had been a miscommunication, but they would fix it.

I came home and called AT&T on the phone.  I got $60 taken off my next bill and a promise they would look into it, escalate it, and I would hear back in 4-6 weeks.

Then the 3rd bill came in for $260 again.  I called AT&T and the very nice guy on the phone said nothing else had been done about it.


I have read a LOT of similar stories on the web about sales people doing this with AT&T.

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Re: Lied about new plan?

I find it hard to believe your were offered an iPad for free. Even if AT&T would do this, Apple would have a fit.

As for loyal customers, AT&T has enough of those and doesn't change the prices for anyone.

There seems to be a lot of confusion over a simple offer:
10 GBs of data and 4 phone lines for $160. Plus taxes of course.

This doesn't include free phones.
You have to pay for the phone out-right or use the edge program. Either way you pay for the phone. With Edge, your monthly payment is added to your bill. Average charge is about $28 for phones.
If you buy in a store you pay $35 activation charge. No charge if you order online.

So let's add that up...
iPad monthly payment and line fee - $10+31= $41
3 new phones with payment plan and line fee $15+28= $43 x 3 = $129
Data plan, 10 GBs to share $100
The total $260

What you got for FREE was activation in the store which is $35 per device for a new line and no upgrade fee on existing lines.
That should have cost you another $140, making your first bill $400 plus taxes.
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