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Is this cross upgrade ok?


Is this cross upgrade ok?

So I've got 5 lines, 3 of which can be upgraded (already claimed 2 upgrades). Table below (asterisk* indicates upgrade eligible)


Line   Phone             Data

1        iPhone               Yes

2        iPhone               Yes

3*      feature phone     no

4*      feature phone     no

5*      feature phone     no

I want to get 3 smartphones (iPhone 5 refurb @$1 and two LG G2 @$100 each; $201 total). I know each will require a smartphone data plan, alongside activation fee ($36 each, $108 total). Lines 4 and 5 will retain their current phone for the upcoming contract period. 


I want to cancel data immediately for two lines (4, 5). It would look like the table below.


Line   Phone             Data

1        iPhone               Yes

2        iPhone               Yes

3        iPhone               Yes

4       feature phone     no

5       feature phone     no


Total cost: $309, excluding data costs 


Can I cancel the data plan on lines 4 and 5 immediately? Do I need to wait a full billing cycle before doing so?


I don't want to have to pay an ETF (even though I won't cancel the line, just the data plan for those lines), and I don't know if there's a rebate involved. If the rebate takes less than a billing cycle, I could pay for the first month of data.


Anecdotally, people have told me that this is fine. However, I couldn't find terms and conditions specifying whether or not a data plan is required for a minimum period. Someone else told me that they tried to do this and was told they have to return the phone if they aren't going to keep a data plan on the upgraded lines (they also retained feature phones on those accounts as I plan to).


kdfederer said (in this thread) that I need to activate the new phone on those lines. Presumably, I'd need to activate the phones and then swap out SIM cards. Will I get to keep my current SIM cards if I request it?


If possible, please link to terms and conditions regarding upgrades of this nature.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Is this cross upgrade ok?

You gave a lot of information, but there's still some information missing.  What will happen to the LG G2 phones (not that I think that it matters, but it could affect something in this scenario)?  Do you plan to do this in-store, over the phone or online (this will affect the answer to the SIM card question)?


As far as I know, there are no terms and conditions that apply specifically to upgrades.  The terms of service state that a data plan is required on a line that uses a smartphone.  You can cancel the data plan immediately if there is no smartphone is use on the line, so you won't have to wait until the end of the billing cycle.


It is usually cleaner, easier and overall better to get new SIM cards when doing upgrades.  If you go to a store, you can probably keep your existing SIM cards on lines 4 and 5.  If you order the new phones over the phone or online, you probably will have to change SIM cards.

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Re: Is this cross upgrade ok?

Oh yeah, I was ambiguous in that comment. I had html tables but the forum wouldn't accept them so I got lazy when I entered them in plain text.

Lines 1 & 2 will get the LG G2s. I don't know if stores stock refurbed iPhones, but I could upgrade the iPhone online and get the two G2s at the store.

I'll get a new SIM for line 2, but line 1 might well the G2 instead. He's probably trying to get a little cash to go on a road trip with his friends. But from your reply, it sounds like everything is ok. It's probably a better idea to do the cross upgrades in-store anyway.

I'll come back in a few hours to see if anyone else has any insight, otherwise your answer will be accepted as the solution.
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Re: Is this cross upgrade ok?

Yes, you can cross upgrade. Actually, if you activate the phones is a corporate store, they will activate them on the line you want so that you won't need to cancel the data.
Just make sure that you know, the contract goes with the line used for the upgrade, not the phone, so that the feature phone lines will be on a 2 year contract.
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