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How do I get in touch with a regional manager?


How do I get in touch with a regional manager?



I've been a customer of yours since 1998, there have been issues here and there with the bill, customer service reps, charges and what not but never like what I experienced today.


I went to the AT&T store on *** South and Main Street in Salt Lake City to see about possibly upgrading two of the lines. After about a 30min wait time we were greeted by our rep who started to assist us who had already had our account pulled up and verified my identity by asking me for my driver’s license. I informed her that I wanted to use the NEXT upgrade feature on one line for a iPhone 6 128gb White and second line for a iPhone 6 64gb Gold. I also asked about feedback on my bill, since I would be adding on some additional charges for the iPhones I would finally be willing to steer away from my unlimited grandfathered data plan.


The rep was very friendly, enthusiastic and said she would take care of us. She took me to show me a LTW tablet that was on a promotion for 99 cents and after looking through the specifications on it, I was sold. At that time she went ahead and pulled up my bill and took a paper out to write some figures out.


Unlimited call and text

7gb data plan

4 lines (would be adding a new one for the LTE tablet)

Monthly iPhone payments

Insurance for both iPhones and the LTE tablet



The bill came out to $183 before tax saving us close to $100 per month and getting us much needed new phones... we all know how the old iPhones start acting after new ones get released. PERFECT - LETS DO IT!. As she came back with the iPhones, she took me around the store to show me some cases, screen protectors, and a wireless speaker.. at this point I am very excited about the money I will be saving and the new phones I will be walking out with.


As we got back to her stand, she proceeds with the upgrade and after a couple of minutes she says that we are actually not eligible for any type of upgrades at the moment... #$#$#$? Okay... so I ask her to check the other lines and she comes back with saying that none of the 3 lines we currently have are eligible. She apologizes about it and sends us on our way.



So here are my issues of unacceptable behavior and processes that no customer should have to deal with.


1 - Checking for eligibility before proceeding with the sale. In my particular issue today, the rep wasted an hour of her time and mine upselling the crap out of me and showing me all these great benefits behind a product and its awesome payment plan to only get shut down and kicked to the curb after an hour of it.


2 - Changing the plan without my permission. As I told the rep today, the only reason I was willing to change away from my unlimited data plan today was due to the fact that we would be adding additional charges to it and I would be walking away with two new iPhones and a LTE tablet. During our closing conversation she had informed me to log on online to see when I would be eligible for the upgrade, while doing that I noticed that the bill has changed to the 7gb data plan... Are these sales techniques the reps use to sucker people out of the unlimited data? This is completely unacceptable and not right for a business to do this, I did not sign for this.



So why am I here now?


I wanted to take a moment to inform you of my experience today and to let you know that after thinking about this for a while, I want AT&T to go ahead and approve me for the early phone upgrades and LTE tablet purchase along with a credit on my account for all the time wasted today. If you would have told me from the beginning that I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade I would have respected that and walked away... but you can't talk to me about the products for an hour, upsell me on additional products, show me all the great features and benefits behind it, and then tell me HA JUST KIDDING! come back in 9 months. How would you feel?


As a customer of yours for 17 years now, paying an average of about $150 a month for phone service ($30,000), never having late payments or the phone line getting disconnected for non-payment I shouldn't be getting treated like this.


I hope to hear back from someone soon


Thank You.


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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

Hello. I walked into an AT&T wireless store last June with the intent of getting two new phones. The rep. told my boyfriend and I about a BOGO promotion as well as a 6 month deal for an iwatch. We accepted the deal and obtained a text from the rep. with all the details of the purchase/ BOGO Iwatch promotion. Since then, I have had to call AT&T month after month inquiring about my bill. Neither deal has been applied to this date and with no explanation what so ever. I’ve been told that the rep. at the store was either lying to us or he was misinformed. Last month, after getting very upset, we were issued a one time $30 credit. I made my monthly phone call again tonight, and we were issued a $50 credit. While the credits have helped, I do not think I should have to call AT&T every month, especially since I was offered/promised a BOGO & iwatch deal at one of AT&T’s brick and mortar locations. I have asked each and every rep. I’ve spoken to, “So does this mean an AT&T sales person can lie to a customer about deals and promotions and then the customer will have to face the consequences after the fact? That is basically what you are telling me. You can do absolutely NOTHING about the misinformation/lie offered/promised to us!” Basically, we can accept a bogus offer, think we are getting a deal, then when we discover it’s false, AT&T will do NOTHING to solve the problem. 

According to the sales rep.’s text, this is what was offered to us:

(Phone 1) X- 38.92/ mo for phone installment + 30 for the line
(Phone 2) X - free just $30 for the line
Watch- 21.50 after 6 months and 10 for the line after 6 months
The unlimited plan is 85 which brings us to a total before 6 months of 183. 92 then after 6 months 215.42 if the bill gets any higher than that I’ll be able to take care of the difference.


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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

Hope everything worked out some people Att just don't know what they are doing.

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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

Look, its like this, we in North Georgia (White GA Dewy Community)  in this small community has many many people that need internet services that is better than DSL

 you have fiber down the street from me within 600 ft from my home and i have a neighbor that cant work from her  back office for her business because you have no dsl for her to buy.

work from home and the connection is if if iffy....  I Cant hook up ring or blink because i dont have bandwidth to run it all. when it rains its so so so bad. 

COME ON RUN IT DOWN THE ROAD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have money to buy your product whats wrong with you.

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