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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?


How do I get in touch with a regional manager?



I've been a customer of yours since 1998, there have been issues here and there with the bill, customer service reps, charges and what not but never like what I experienced today.


I went to the AT&T store on *** South and Main Street in Salt Lake City to see about possibly upgrading two of the lines. After about a 30min wait time we were greeted by our rep who started to assist us who had already had our account pulled up and verified my identity by asking me for my driver’s license. I informed her that I wanted to use the NEXT upgrade feature on one line for a iPhone 6 128gb White and second line for a iPhone 6 64gb Gold. I also asked about feedback on my bill, since I would be adding on some additional charges for the iPhones I would finally be willing to steer away from my unlimited grandfathered data plan.


The rep was very friendly, enthusiastic and said she would take care of us. She took me to show me a LTW tablet that was on a promotion for 99 cents and after looking through the specifications on it, I was sold. At that time she went ahead and pulled up my bill and took a paper out to write some figures out.


Unlimited call and text

7gb data plan

4 lines (would be adding a new one for the LTE tablet)

Monthly iPhone payments

Insurance for both iPhones and the LTE tablet



The bill came out to $183 before tax saving us close to $100 per month and getting us much needed new phones... we all know how the old iPhones start acting after new ones get released. PERFECT - LETS DO IT!. As she came back with the iPhones, she took me around the store to show me some cases, screen protectors, and a wireless speaker.. at this point I am very excited about the money I will be saving and the new phones I will be walking out with.


As we got back to her stand, she proceeds with the upgrade and after a couple of minutes she says that we are actually not eligible for any type of upgrades at the moment... #$#$#$? Okay... so I ask her to check the other lines and she comes back with saying that none of the 3 lines we currently have are eligible. She apologizes about it and sends us on our way.



So here are my issues of unacceptable behavior and processes that no customer should have to deal with.


1 - Checking for eligibility before proceeding with the sale. In my particular issue today, the rep wasted an hour of her time and mine upselling the crap out of me and showing me all these great benefits behind a product and its awesome payment plan to only get shut down and kicked to the curb after an hour of it.


2 - Changing the plan without my permission. As I told the rep today, the only reason I was willing to change away from my unlimited data plan today was due to the fact that we would be adding additional charges to it and I would be walking away with two new iPhones and a LTE tablet. During our closing conversation she had informed me to log on online to see when I would be eligible for the upgrade, while doing that I noticed that the bill has changed to the 7gb data plan... Are these sales techniques the reps use to sucker people out of the unlimited data? This is completely unacceptable and not right for a business to do this, I did not sign for this.



So why am I here now?


I wanted to take a moment to inform you of my experience today and to let you know that after thinking about this for a while, I want AT&T to go ahead and approve me for the early phone upgrades and LTE tablet purchase along with a credit on my account for all the time wasted today. If you would have told me from the beginning that I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade I would have respected that and walked away... but you can't talk to me about the products for an hour, upsell me on additional products, show me all the great features and benefits behind it, and then tell me HA JUST KIDDING! come back in 9 months. How would you feel?


As a customer of yours for 17 years now, paying an average of about $150 a month for phone service ($30,000), never having late payments or the phone line getting disconnected for non-payment I shouldn't be getting treated like this.


I hope to hear back from someone soon


Thank You.


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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

Nevermind - found it... thanks for the help!



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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

What is the regional number please. I'm also having issues and need to speak with them
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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

did you ever get ahold of a regional manager?

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‎05-08-2017 12:46 PM

Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

Hey Everyone!


I know this is an older thread, but since we are still seeing a lot of views to it so we wanted to respond and provide some assistance.  We always appreciate any feedback our customers can provide us, and your thoughts are pivotal for helping us achieve this.


In addition to general feedback, we also have a process in place to follow up on issues and concerns for our store locations.


You can leave feedback for any of our locations by visiting the Store Locator site. Rest assured all feedback we receive in our Store Reviews section is brought directly to the leadership teams, and they will do everything they can to try and resolve your issue.  We partner with our store team also in connecting with our customers to resolve any concerns and our goal is to ensure all of our customers are satisfied.


You can also always send us a Private Message to @ATTMobilityCare to look into your specific concern.


I hope this information helps, have a wonderful day!


Tim, AT&T Community Specialist


AT&T Customer Care

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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

This is my first time of taking my concerns to the forum. I have been an AT&T wireless customer for more than a decade and a Direct TV customer off and mostly on for the better part of 20 years. Things were ok when the merger happened and we were able to bundle our bill, but since out move in October 2016 to a new home where we were able to get U-verse, we have had miss information from service representatives in different service departments/areas, a promise for service recovery VISA card go unmet, and NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON DEDICATED TO MANAGE OUR ISSUE AND SEE IT TO RESOLUTION. Each and every time, I AM DEALING WITH, on average, 3-4 reps from different departments with each and every call. Can't count how many times that I have been told "I can help you with this", but no one has! I can't tell you how many hours I have spent as well, on the phone, on hold being transferred. 


Here is where it all started:

1. I was told in October that I COULD NOT GET U-verse for TV at our new home because I wanted the U-verse TV, internet/wifi, landline and wireless phone bundle. (we were not in a AT&T market area at our previous address in small town).

2. So, I scheduled installation for our DirecTv for date we were moving in.

3. Then, I called back to make arrangements at least for U-Verse internet (left Frontier) and landline (had none), I was told I COULD get U-verse TV.  So, I ordered installation of the trifecta of U-verse TV, internet and Landline for the day we were moving in.

4. I called to cancel moving our DirecTv and was treated as if I was abandoning the company - it was a competition to keep it and not go with U-verse even though it is the same company! I was suppose to get boxes to ship back the equipment, but never did, which made matters even worse .


NOT ONE PERSON TOOK THE TIME TO EXPLAIN THAT THERE MIGHT BE REASONS TO STAY WITH DIRECTV like improved speed for internet/wifi, easier mobile access to DirecTv, free unlimited data on our AT&T wireless plan and that the company was moving in that direction for same reasons stated (which we learned from our installation guy).


NOT ONE PERSON TOOK THE RESPONSIBILITY TO EXPLAIN THE COMPLICATED COURSE THAT THIS WOULD TAKE to combine accounts since the DirecTv bill would have to be first un-combined from mobile account, which would not happen until the DirecTv equipment was returned, before it could be combined with our U-verse bundled account.


AND THIS ISSUE HAS CAUSED US PROBLEMS MONTH AFTER MONTH AFTER MONTH. Once again, I have an overdue bill that I thought had finally been all combined last month, but that is apparently not the case.  And when I have attempted to all in to fix it, I get another sales pitch about going back to DirecTv, but I can't BECAUSE I AM IN A PROMOTIONAL NEW CUSTOMER DEAL WITH AT&T U-verse! Again, same company in competition with itself and NOT ONE PERSON ABLE TO DO WHAT IS BEST FOR MY FAMILY - long-time customers of DirecTv and AT&T.  


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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

AT&T is a nightmare.  I ordered a second phone for my business.  I was told I would receive the order in 1-2 business days.  I have waited 5 days.  Finally, found out through UPS the order was lost.  Called AT&T spent 2 hours on the phone sent from 1 department to the next with no resolution.  I keep trying to cancel the order.  They say they can't because it has been shipped. IT'S LOST. I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED THE PHONEE AND YET THEY WON'T CANCEL THE ORDER.  THEY WERE CERTAINLY WILLING TO TAKE MY MONEY RIGHT AWAY.  WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

Store can't help. Customer service can't help. Good luck reaching a Regional Manager because they basically COULD CARELESS!!

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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

I also need a phone number or email for a northern California regional manager before I go to the Better Business Bureau I will give you a chance to resolve this

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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

@nancyrslr There is no published phone number for a California regional manager, I’m not even sure if such a position exists. There is definitely no email as ATT does not do customer support via email. Your options are to call the 800 number, chat or contact @ATTMobilityCare via private message.

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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

My phone, TV and internet services have been disabled since the morning of 02/09/2018 for not agreeing to pay for days that I DID NOT HAVE SERVICES from the 9th to 15th of January because I moved to a different building. Prior to that, I have documented days of interrupted services and VERY SLOW internet. I'v tried talking to serveral agents including "Managers", chatted with several agents and had a John in the Customer Retention department call me with a promise to call for resolution and still, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The ISSUES are still UNRESOLVED and my accounts have remained DISCONNECTED. 

I have been with AT&T for over 14 years and have put up with numerous and uncountable bad services and I'm tired of it!

I'm trying to reach a Regional director before escalating it to BBB. 

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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

I’ve been going on for months trying to get my decease mother Phone unlock matter fact February 2019 will mark one year, so yeah it’s been longer. AT&T told me it can be done until it’s pay off. It’s a free phone for getting the upgrade and adding a new line how is it need to be pay off. After a few round about directing me back and forward with the customer service and sending me back into the stores they told me it’s through Samsung now. I’ve contact Samsung and they’ve told me your service provider can do it no problem. After pointing figures back and forth with them all I just need to contact higher upper. 

It’s a Samsung s8. All I’m trying to do is retreive my mother’s pictures and txt and calls and see who she was last in contact with the night both my parents pass. I don’t know why Verizon could by pass my dads lock screen and att can’t. I feel that after being a loyal long time customer and they can’t even do me the courtesy to unlock my moms passcode. All I want is for att to bypass the dumb credit of paying off my moms phone and unlock Her passcode. I’ve search every possible way and it directs me back to att only and they’re refusing to do anything; customer service and store. On top of that I was lie about having to get directTV therefore I can get unlimited data. So I’ll also like to cancel the false service sold to me. Plus the sale guy told me directTV would be $20 per month for a year and hasn’t even been a year yet and after 6months they’re now charging me full price per month of $60. I got the phone in November of 2017 along with directTV. And yes I’m still paying for directTV also. If this is the loyalty and long time customer benefits I get, I rather pull out completely and go with Verizon.


please help.

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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

I've talked to so many supervisors I'm sick of it I don't want to explain it anymore I don't want to do nothing anymore I want someone to call me back and fix it

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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

EDIT: This question has NOT been solved. The reply posted by @ATTcustomercare does NOT answer the question asked by the original poster (customer). 

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Re: How do I get in touch with a regional manager?

Heads up everyone! T-Mobile offers $650 to get you out of your AT&T phone “lease” program! Makes it SUPER easy to switch! 


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