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Frustrated by dishonest store manager

Frustrated by dishonest store manager

Recently my husband went in to A T & T in Elk Grove Village, IL for a new phone.  His phone wasn't working and he needed a new phone for the business.  He told them he wanted an upgrade if he was elgible  yet he wanted the cheapest phone possible.  He came home with an i-phone 5C and told me it was $50.  A week ago I got the phone bill and noticed a charge for a $550. phone on a monthly installement plan of $21.22 a month for 26 months!  He was never told about this and there was also an additional $10. in insurance charges.  I went in to complain and was told that my husband misunderstood and this is the way A T & T and all other phone companies do their plans now.  This may be true but he was never told this or given the option of a less expensive phone which is what he asked for.


Two days later we went back together and were told this was cheaper thatn the $40. two year contract fee so we were "saving money".  The store manager was the one who sold him the phone and eventually did admit that if we wanted "a floor model " we could get one for only $10. a month.  Now the hitch is that it had been more than 14 days and we can't exchange or return the first phone.  Do we have any options?  I would quit A T & T but we'd have to pay for the phone anyway.


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Re: Frustrated by dishonest store manager


Hello @ElkGroveVillage 


What kind of plan do you have? With Mobile Share plans, customers actually get discounts one their monthly plan for not being under contract and buying their phones with AT&T Next, those discounts usually make up the difference in price. Our team will be happy to go over your options with you! You can send us a private message by clicking here, please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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Re: Frustrated by dishonest store manager

I only see one store listed for Elk Grove Village, and it's an authorized retailer, NOT a company owned store. Beware of these guys. They're usually more interested in making a sale than helping a customer, and may not give you all the information you need.

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Re: Frustrated by dishonest store manager

Thanks for your input. ?I contacted the CEO of AT &T and they are handling my case. ?They are going to try to exchange the phone for a less expensive one. ?I will beware in the future.
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Re: Frustrated by dishonest store manager

How did you manage to contact the CEO?


I am having a huge issue of my own and would love to be able to contact the CEO or at least his/her office.

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Re: Frustrated by dishonest store manager

I e-mailed him. ?I looked him up online ? His name is Randall Stephenson. ?He has another person handle my case and we are exchanging the phone for a less expensive one.
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Re: Frustrated by dishonest store manager

Thank you for your comment. ?I have learned my lesson!
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Re: Frustrated by dishonest store manager

I do understand the plan now. ?However, this was not explained to my husband and he was sold the most expensive phone without his knowledge when he requested the cheapest one. Our case is being handled by the CEO's office. ?Thank you for your response.
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