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3g to 4g lte: New sim card?


3g to 4g lte: New sim card?

I have an old 3g phone and it is time to upgrade.  I have a 3g sim (if that even means anything) for my phone.  I want a 4g lte phone.


When I upgrade (or if I buy an unlocked 4g lte phone at full retail price) to a new 4g lte phone, Do i get a new sim card?  Is a new sim card needed?  

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: 3g to 4g lte: New sim card?

If your SIM card has the 3G logo then yes you would need a new SIM card. 🙂

When you buy a device in an AT&T corporate, they do provide a new sim for your device if its needed. 🙂

If you buy an unlocked device, depending on the device and the SIM card it needs, you may or may not need a replacement sim. Lets say you have HTC One X which uses a microSIM and wanted to use an iPhone 5. You need a new SIM because the iPhone 5 uses a nanoSIM which is much smaller. Depends on the device to determine the need simply! 😉
~Sunshine 🙂
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Re: 3g to 4g lte: New sim card?

Awesome! Thank you.


Yeah my sim card say 3g on it.  I just thought was maybe part of their marketing scheme.  But now I know that I need a new sim.  Thanks 🙂

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