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3g to 4g lte: New sim card?


3g to 4g lte: New sim card?

I have an old 3g phone and it is time to upgrade.  I have a 3g sim (if that even means anything) for my phone.  I want a 4g lte phone.


When I upgrade (or if I buy an unlocked 4g lte phone at full retail price) to a new 4g lte phone, Do i get a new sim card?  Is a new sim card needed?  

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: 3g to 4g lte: New sim card?

If your SIM card has the 3G logo then yes you would need a new SIM card. Smiley Happy

When you buy a device in an AT&T corporate, they do provide a new sim for your device if its needed. Smiley Happy

If you buy an unlocked device, depending on the device and the SIM card it needs, you may or may not need a replacement sim. Lets say you have HTC One X which uses a microSIM and wanted to use an iPhone 5. You need a new SIM because the iPhone 5 uses a nanoSIM which is much smaller. Depends on the device to determine the need simply! Smiley Wink
~Sunshine Smiley Happy
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Re: 3g to 4g lte: New sim card?

Awesome! Thank you.


Yeah my sim card say 3g on it.  I just thought was maybe part of their marketing scheme.  But now I know that I need a new sim.  Thanks Smiley Happy

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