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Wireless Charging Pad Return Refused

Wireless Charging Pad Return Refused

Dear AT&T, please help guide me to the correct AT&T department responsible for this concern.  My family is currently an AT&T Fiber Optic Internet customer.  This email concerns the strictness of one of your stores.  My son bought a wireless charging pad (see attached receipt) from the AT&T Store in Hanes Mall, Winston-Salem, NC.  The street address is Hanes Mall, 3320 Silas Creek Parkway, #HU8808, Winston-Salem, NC, 27103.  He bought this charger on 12/23/18 as a gift for his sister.  In early January, she unpacked it to test on her Samsung S9.  However, she has a case and a pop-socket, so she cannot use the charger.  My son brought the charger back as a return on 1/8/19, which was 16 days past the purchase.  In reading the receipt, I was surprised to see the return window was only 14 days, but I thought the store would provide a return as this was only 2 days past and it was a gift, meaning it had to work it’s way back to the purchaser.  Surely this happens often with presents over Christmas.  However, the salesperson would not process a return, citing the 14 day limit.  He indicated we could speak to the manager, who was not there, for an exception.  A few days later, I called the manager, confident he would authorize the return, but to my surprise, he also refused.  My son is now stuck with a $41.63 expense for an item he has no use for.  The manager said there was no way “in the system” to override the 14 day limit.  Can the correct AT&T department intercede and authorize the return?  I didn’t feel it was customer focused to be so rigid on a return policy over Christmas, particularly with good AT&T customers as our family is.  I also though the 14 day windows was unreasonably tight, and no congruent with standard return windows of other stores.  Please let me know what we may do to process a return. Thank you from a AT&T customer.

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Re: Wireless Charging Pad Return Refused

@stephen3410  Hello. My apologies for your frustration. You posted this in the AT&T Digital Iife forum. Unfortunately, i do not have the  knowledge to be able to assist you with this. Have you tried posting this in the wireless forum ?

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