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Re: Forgot password AND answers to security questions


Forgot password AND answers to security questions

I have Bellsouth.net email account. When I tried to change the password, I couldn't remember answers to one of the security questions. (Either I can't remember who I put as my favorite author or I am not giving the name in the same form I gave initially.) When I called the AT&T Help number (877-267-2988), the rep said I had to supply the telephone number or zip code on the account at the time I set up the associated email account - and I could only have ONE TRY! I've moved several times over the years and can't remember for sure where I was when I set this up, let alone the telephone number. I gave the one I thought it might be, but the AT&T rep said that wasn't it. Please help me, AT&T! I have given so many people and businesses that email address, it will be a nightmare to track them all down and change them. I can give you SS#, driver's license number - all kinds of ID. Is there hope for me? - Desperate in Chattanooga

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Re: Forgot password AND answers to security questions

When you tried to reset the password online, is answering the security questions the only option besides calling the 877 number? 

I was wondering if you have the option to select "send me a temporary password". 

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Re: Forgot password AND answers to security questions

Yes, I was given the 877 number and called them 3 times over the past 2
days. I offered my Social Security number to them, but they said it wouldn't
help. They said I had to give them the phone number associated with the
account when I established it. That was in the mid-1990's! I asked my
daughter, who is an excellent online researcher, to see if she could find
those old phone numbers. She did! But when I called, they said none of those
numbers were correct! So frustrating. Finally, I reached an AT&T email
specialist who asked for the last 4 digits of my SS#. When I gave them, she
was able to give me a temporary password over the phone so I could reset it.
What a relief! Now I don't have to change my PW with all those businesses,
doctor, friends, etc. God bless her skillful heart! I was so relieved, I
forgot to get her name so I could commend her to her supervisor.

I sure hope this helps some other frustrated person who has this problem.
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Re: Forgot password AND answers to security questions

what phone number did you call the AT&T specialist? I have the same problem. I don't remember my bellsouth.net password nor the answers to the security questions.

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Re: Forgot password AND answers to security questions

In a misplaced Word document on my computer, I found the phone number(s) I called to get help if you've lost both your email Username and PW! I listed them in my document as: 877-267-2988 (General tech assistance) and 877-267-2230 (other number). I can't remember why I had both numbers; possibly I called one and they gave me the other? As I remember, you still have to have some critical information about your account (e.g., the number you had when you opened the email account). Hope the numbers still work and will help other lost souls like I was. :-)

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