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Customer Service Issue


Customer Service Issue

I am blogging this so that it might get to someone that matters in the organization. My wife is happy with our alarm system, makes her feel safe. We are not happy with the Company’s customer service. The story is the battery for the alarm system goes bad after several years. We order a new battery and we get it delivered really quick. Change battery, send old one back to the company. The battery is bad and within few days the alarm is warning us to change the battery. Here is where the issue starts. We call customer service and talk to someone that is very hard to understand but after a good long while we get off the phone thinking we will have a new battery pretty quick based on the one they sent us earlier. Didn’t happen. After waiting over a week I use the “Autumn” option of customer service. Once I realize it’s a robot I ask for a live person and got obliged with a “live” person named “Juan”. After text communicating with “Juan” for quite a while he told me that the battery would be delivered within 3 days. Didn’t happen. After a week The Wife called today (wife little bit more direct than I am) and she was told the battery was never ordered (Thanks “JUAN”! You are an a..hole. (Sorry bout that folks)). We now have  a confirmation number and the battery is supposed to be here on 3-5 days.  A teaching point for me is make sure that whoever you talk to on the phone gives you a tracking number so you can track it in your app. 

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Re: Customer Service Issue

@LRankski  Hello. My apologies for the frustration. If you would like , please click on my user name and then click "Send PM" to send me a private message with your name, account number, address and best phone number. I can research to ensure that a battery was shipped and have the appropriate coaching provided to both of the agents. Thank you

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