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AT&T Digital Life

Is anyone using this service yet?

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

I had my system installed on 3/21.  The installation was fantastic.  The tech was really great in installing and explaining everything. 


I actually like the chirp volume.  My last system was so loud, I turned the chirp off completely. 


I have been using the app on a windows phone, an iPhone and an android tablet.  The refresh time seems best on the windows phone. 


The door lock and garage door sensor are my favorite features.  The ability to program functions is great as well.


I didn't go with the cameras as my current system allows for two way communication. 

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

with the people complaining about the chirp, does it at least tell you if a door is open and closed... as in does a voice say this?




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Re: AT&T Digital Life

We have been using Digital Life for about 4 months. We have door sensors, motion sensors, and a smoke alarm on the system. We first tested a self-installed Protect America system and switched to Digital Life after deciding it would be a more permanent/finished installation and cheaper overall. It also appeard that DL's mobile app was more robust and flexible.


Based on our experience with the features of the Protect America system and with our particular layout, I have these feature requests for the Digital Life system:


1. a louder, more intimidating siren.

2. the OPTION to make the door-open/closed chirp louder; even better would be to have a voice announcement of which sensor was opened/closed.

3. restore the Duress Code that was advertized when we signed up for the system. Very important!

4. the mobile app should require a disarm code, same as the main keypad. Otherwise this is a weak link in the entire security system.  This combined with having a duress code would be very powerful.

5. the web- and mobile-app logs and alerts should tell which user did the disarming.

6. the ability to arm multiple motion sensors independent of each other.


I have submitted these on several occasions, both verbally and in writing since the system was installed, without seeing results.


Things that we do like about the system:

1. that we can program the system to automatically disarm at a certain time in the morning, giving us the option (with motion sensors) of having full AWAY protection at night.

2. the option to get an alert when the system disarms. This has not only been a convenience to know when a family member comes home (though we don't know which one from the alert), but also a great help when we set the alarm and leave with one of the sensors open (if we don't notice the request for Bypass, the system disarms; we can then do the bypass from the mobile app).





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Re: AT&T Digital Life

I have had this system since Oct loved it for 1 1/2 months and has been downhill since. Their customer well the best thing to say is there is none. Their customer support....what customer support!!! Bought one of their bigger packages and our camera's are down all the time  and all they can say is we have no idea why..hummmmm. On the third week they havn't worked. This is a secondary home so camera's are pretty important to me. Supervisor Nick King won't return calls(9 calls). Should have went with ADT. Starting the process to have this system pulled out and having a system that works installed. Just a warning to all stay AWAY!!!!!!!!!

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

All I can say is stay AWAY......Far away. NO customer support I spent $1200 on a syatem that doen't work and they (ATT) has no idea why and they won'y return calls. Go with someone else 

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AT&T Digital Life - Instant Arm/Stay

I put my system in test mode yesterday to test the newly released Instant Arm/Stay feature.  The system showed that all exterior sensors were in a monitored state but absolutely nothing happened when I opened any of the doors or windows.  The alarm did not sound and there were no indications on the keypad. I ran multiple tests by instant-arming the system from the keypad and the app but could not get any of the monitored devices to trigger the alarm.  This is obviously a pretty big security issue and AT&T is sending out a tech to look at this problem, but I'm curious if anyone else has verified if this feature is working or not?  (The Arm-Stay and Arm-Away functions work fine)


**Please do not test without first calling AT&T at 855-288-2727 to have your system placed in test mode**






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Re: AT&T Digital Life - Instant Arm/Stay

Mine was installed this week...finally. if you call it an install.  It is lacking so much compared to ADT.  The "chirp" sucks! it is useless.  the install was horrendous.  one cancelled....after we called and asked if they were planning to show? the tech called in sick and it was a month later to install.  one lost work day...

second attempt was slowed because a glitch in authorizing...even though it waa authorized a month earlier.  I am skeptical on the Digital Life...

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

Just had DL installed yesterday, 4/19, and yes it was an all day affair. The techs were great, and were very knowledgeable about the system. Install was neat and they did cleanup after themselves. I went with the door package, exterior doors, glass break sensor, window sensors, a motion sensor and smoke detector. I set individual accounts for my family members and like the way the log tells you who opened the door or armed / disarmed the system. My only complaint at  this point is the chirp from  the panel. Basically there is none. This is a real draw back as there is really no notification of devices not being ready. Also being the first alarm  system in our house,family members may not realizethe alarm is armed,  and I can see it setting off some accidental activations. They  say the problem is being addressed but earlier postssaid that last year.


Another feature I would like to see is the ability to bypass individual devices such as a frequently used interior door when setting up a program. Right now when alarming in stay mode every thing gets activated besides the motion detector.


Not completely sold on keeping it at this point.

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

UPDATE: I called CS today about the non existent chirp and unfortunately there seems to be no solution to the problem. They tried sending the chirp to my siren as a program and it still doesn't work. Like I said in my earlier post this will be a deal breaker for me. I will be looking at other providers before my 30 days are up. It's a shame, the system has a lot of potential, but if AT&T can't find a solution to such a simple issue then I won't be expecting much more in the way of support. All the other services have a chime or voice that indicates open doors and windows, as well as alerts counting down the time before an alarm activates, and one that can be heard while in the same room. Maybe they should use a keypad with the little speaker built in (HINT AT&T). 

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

I couldn't agree with you more on all your points. DL is not the system it could be. The siren and the low key pad chirp are major issues. My smoke alarms are louder than the siren. We can't even hear the siren on the second floor of our house, and I am not willing to pay $80.00 for an additional siren. 


I am also having issues with the 3g signal. It is very weak on my cell phone, but when the techs installed the system and put an exterior antenna on the house they said I will be fine. The last two days when speaking with customer service, they both stated that the 3g was showing signal problems.


I was really hoping this DL system was going to work for me, but at this point I don't think so. If it wasn't for the holes in my wall I would have already had the system removed.



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Re: AT&T Digital Life

Upated info; I had a tech over yesterday to check the 3g signal problem and it turns out the original install had poor connections to the outside antenna. He replaced the antenna and connections and it appears the 3g is working properly now. He also added a second siren on the second floor which solved the siren issue. The remaining issue of the low chirp remains, and he assured me this is being addressed. A new keypad will be available in the near future and will replace my current one free of charge. 


I must say that CS and DL techs have been very good handling my issues and at this point will give them a chance. 

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

I agree 100%.  These were and are all our same issues.  With the exception of #5.  Our door keypad does let us know who enters the home and will automatically disarm the keypad house alarm.  So, because it does that, I see who is disarming the house alarm.  


We were told by our last installer ( as we have had 4 out to the house since our install date 3 weeks ago)  that in May they are changing the chirp volume and if we want it, we should request one now or they may not give us a new keypad. 

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

Is this the official forum for AT&T Digital Life?
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Re: AT&T Digital Life

Unfortunately there is still no official Digital Life forum and many of the related postings have ended up in the U-Verse group.  I've asked both moderators to add a separate forum specifically for DL but so far that hasn't happened. 

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

I have the service and if you have other options take them. ATT needs to stay with phones. I have had problems with my system (I have their tier system) for the past 6 weeks and ATT is blaming everyone but them selves. They have no idea how to fix my problem.

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